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How Social Media Shapes Perceptions of Paris

17 October 2017
Paris Seine River at Sunset

On episode 9 of “The New Paris Podcast”, my co-host and I welcomed Arash Hajianpour of the design agency Optimistic Future, and Jane Bertch, co-founder of La Cuisine Paris cooking school, to discuss the ways in which our understanding of Paris may be shaped by what we see on social media. Those of you who have read my book know that traditional forms of media have greatly influenced the romanticized and even fetishized perception of the city but I did not do a deep dive into the role of social media specifically. We had an enlightening and passionate debate but it ended before we could tackle the topic of Instagram’s influence in the creation of new spaces in Paris.  Arash kindly offered to continue the conversation with some additional thoughts on the topic below.  — As social media increasingly democratizes journalism, we start to question where journalistic responsibility comes into play, if at all, on platforms like Instagram.  Because an Instagram user has 100k+ followers, are they influencing perceptions in an incredible way, perhaps in a way not seen before? How and why does that matter? With platforms to voice and field our opinions and ideas, we engage our day-to-day […]…

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Summer in Paris: Best New Outdoor Hangouts

14 July 2017
Maison Maison Paris

Since I’m kicking up my feet in Marseille for the week, I’ve asked my friend and fellow writer Sara Lieberman to share some of the newest outdoor hangouts in Paris where you can mix and mingle with locals, enjoy the ultra late sunsets (as I write this, the sun is fading at 10:15pm), and take in summer in the city. Amusez-vous bien! — As a New Yorker born in August, it’s in my genes to like me some summah-summah-summah-time—especially since I’m what New Yorkers refer to as “bridge and tunnel.” (I was born in Long Island where people sometimes pronounce it lawng eye-lund and get to Manhattan via a bridge or a tunnel. Voila.) This means that as a kid, I spent those glorious months of June, July and August catching crabs on the dock in my backyard, running out to stop the ice cream man for a Good Humor bar (Strawberry Shortcake!) and bringing bagel sandwiches to the beach. But once I became a “real New Yorker” (aka ditched the Midtown tunnel for those of the subway) summers became all about outdoor movie screenings, Shakespeare in the park, street food festivals, yoga on the pier and more. But if […]…

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Airbnb Insider Guides to Paris

18 March 2017

Where does Pierre Hermé get his sweet fix and where does artist Marin Montagut go for artisanal goods? How about actress/model Jeanne Damas’s beloved boutiques for jewelry? They are among an illustrious group of over fifty Parisians who shared their recommendations around various themes for Airbnb’s new PLACES feature, a collection of insider guides to Paris (joining other fine cities like Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Seoul, Detroit, etc.). I spent over two months working on this project with my dear friend and fellow writer Sara Lieberman and am so proud to see it come to life! We each interviewed over twenty insiders, compiled their recommendations, polished them up, and turned them into easily digestible, practical, and engaging guides that can easily take with you — after all, it’s right in the app, on your phone. I’m also honored that the Airbnb team made me part of the collection! You’ll find my guide on literary-inspired haunts for bookish types. (Ps. can you spot me in that image above?) To access the guides in your Airbnb app, type in Paris in the search box, then select Places from the top navigation (image below left), and start scrolling through (image below right)! Click to […]…

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“The New Paris” book cover revealed!

12 December 2016

As I wrap up projects for the year and look back on the last twelve months, I find myself turning in circles around two questions: why was it so fleeting (with the follow-up question, is that feeling a byproduct of getting older or the internet?) and what did I manage to accomplish? Since I have yet to answer the first one, I’ll go straight to the second. For one, I like to think I improved my decision-making abilities. What’s worth my time (which I finally understand is precious and shouldn’t be doled out frivolously), what makes me happy, and what will further my professional goals are all questions I believe I have better answers to than ever before. Though they won’t appreciate the compliment, I attribute much of this to my kittens, Leo and Charlie, who have forced me to reprioritize and be more present, partly because they need me to be. Never have I enjoyed laying around at home more than during this year with them. And if I’m going to spend time away from them — even thousands of miles away — it better be for a good reason. I’ve always considered myself discerning but I think it’s a more firmly anchored character […]…

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Romantic Paris with Eurostar

31 October 2016
Romantic Paris Lindsey Tramuta

“Where can I go for a romantic afternoon/evening in Paris?” Few questions are as challenging to answer and yet I find myself confronted with it time and again. I struggle with the idea of city-specific romance, and more specifically Parisian romance, because it is so subjective and personal. And the weight of Paris as a place means the possibilities are truly endless. The very name of the city is enough to summon fantasies of a romanticized, bon vivant life: Seine-side strolls, languid meals with bottomless glasses of wine, picnics on the Champs de Mars as the sun descends and the Eiffel Tower begins its hourly sparkle. Romance in Paris hinges on a series of experiences that are contrived to fulfill an expectation. Like the way I once told myself that to feel Rome as lovers must, I had to whip around town on a ruby red Vespa. The reality is, I’m terrified of scooters and found myself more uncomfortable than romanced. I forced a scenario that I believed would produce a desired outcome. Instead of willing it to fruition, I believe in letting the city ensorcell with its own natural gifts. So when Eurostar asked me to describe my favorite romantic […]…

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