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French Summer Recipe from author Brian Defehr

15 August 2017
Rouget recipe by Brian Defehr

In their new book “Les Marchés Français”, author Brian Defehr and photographer Pauline Boldt, explores the boundless gifts of French open-air market culture — by season. With recipes (gluten-free, too!), stunning photography, and helpful background on the Paris markets and terminology, Defehr and Pauline remind us how much beauty comes from the simplest of traditions. Here, Defehr shares a recipe from the book that would be particularly well-suited for your summer table. Enjoy!  The Perfect Summer Market Dish Ask most people to conjure up the hot and dreamy days of summer and what they’re most inspired to cook, and I would bet you that an overwhelming majority – certainly of the males – would immediately go off on an elegy of their BBQ and the many grilled and smoky ribs, burger, steaks and skewered vegetables that are their go-to dinners when the kids are out of school and the sun is scorching the lawn. The backyard BBQ keeps the heat out of the kitchen, keeps the mosquitoes at bay (at least when there’s enough smoke billowing from it) and allows Dad his moment of glory, one eye on dinner and the other on the kids in the pool. That’s all […]…

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