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Paris Wine Bars: picks from The New Wine Rules author Jon Bonné

18 December 2017
The New Wine Rules by Jon Bonné

If there’s one essential guide to offer anyone and everyone in your life that is even remotely interested in wine (and by that I mean they drink it and buy bottles of it to have at home), it’s “The New Wine Rules: A Genuinely Helpful Guide to to Everything you Need to Know” by James Beard award-winning author and journalist Jon Bonné. Not only does the Punch editor’s wit and probity shine consistently throughout the 89 easy-to-follow rules, but the guide is refreshingly free of the esoteric wine-splaining that so often defines oenological discussions and tends to intimidate the average drinker in the process. I met Jon this summer at a special Mission Chinese pop-up event at La Buvette after months of chatting on Twitter. I had read quite a bit of his work and was eager to meet him. What I discovered was a man with a profound respect and love for Paris, a deep reservoir of knowledge for wine (obviously), and a sense of humor that matched my own. Fortunately, he has become a pied-à-terre owner in the neighborhood with his wife so I’m hopeful to get to know him even better in the coming year. That said, […]…

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“The New Paris” book pre-order giveaway!

7 March 2017

Less than 1.5 months until “The New Paris” is released in bookstores around the world! I couldn’t be more excited. Well, perhaps I can be: I have something extra to share with you! My very talented friend, watercolor artist, and author Jessie Kanelos Weiner has designed and painted an exclusive map (sneak peek below! If you’re reading in your email, click to see the animation HERE) that will be printed and mailed to every reader (U.S. mailing address required, mes amis!) who has pre-ordered a copy of “The New Paris”! On the map, you’ll find a handful of spots that I discuss and/or feature in the book, plus a few landmarks to situate you. If you’ve already pre-ordered, go on and grab that confirmation email you received, take a screen shot, and upload it into the form below with your details! You’ll then be on the list to receive this special goodie when the book is released on April 18th. Haven’t pre-ordered? Head to my BOOKS page to find a list of retailers! Entries accepted through April 17th. For all your support, un grand MERCI! Fill out my online form.…

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“The New Paris” book cover revealed!

12 December 2016

As I wrap up projects for the year and look back on the last twelve months, I find myself turning in circles around two questions: why was it so fleeting (with the follow-up question, is that feeling a byproduct of getting older or the internet?) and what did I manage to accomplish? Since I have yet to answer the first one, I’ll go straight to the second. For one, I like to think I improved my decision-making abilities. What’s worth my time (which I finally understand is precious and shouldn’t be doled out frivolously), what makes me happy, and what will further my professional goals are all questions I believe I have better answers to than ever before. Though they won’t appreciate the compliment, I attribute much of this to my kittens, Leo and Charlie, who have forced me to reprioritize and be more present, partly because they need me to be. Never have I enjoyed laying around at home more than during this year with them. And if I’m going to spend time away from them — even thousands of miles away — it better be for a good reason. I’ve always considered myself discerning but I think it’s a more firmly anchored character […]…

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Facebook Live with author Lauren Collins!

13 September 2016
When in french, lauren collins author

This is a big week! Not only is my sister coming to visit for the first time since I’ve lived here (a decade, people), but I am hosting the very first Facebook Live on the Lost in Cheeseland Facebook page! I’m extremely excited to chat with Lauren Collins, a staff writer at The New Yorker and the author of “When in French: Love in a Second Language“ which landed on bookshelves TODAY. To say I am enamored with Lauren’s book is putting it mildly. While she is known for reporting on subjects ranging from Michelle Obama to the political undertones at the Salon de l’Agriculture in Paris, she turned her attention to a much more personal story — her own journey from North Carolina, to London (where she met her French husband Olivier) and to Geneva, where they lived for several years before arriving in Paris. It is at once a hysterical account of the seemingly endless series of hurdles, adjustments, sacrifices and head-scratching moments inherent to expat life and an edifying look at the linguistic implications that run through all of them. She explores identity formation across cultures with an abiding focus on language (and even linguistic theory) — […]…

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