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The Cider Movement in Paris: Interview with Appie Founders

28 December 2017
Appie cider

What’s graced your holiday table this season? Bubbly? Or maybe a bottle of fine, full-bodied red wine that you’ve reserved for the occasion? In France, they are the cornerstone of any gathering. But there is a rising star competing for attention, a drink hitherto affixed to crêpe consumption the Chandeleur celebration in February: cider! And not just any cider but modern interpretations on an old drink. To understand how consumption is changing and why we’re starting to see a more robust showing from independent cider producers on restaurant and bar menus in Paris, I spoke with the founders of Appie, one of the pioneers changing the image of cider today. What inspired you to create a brand of cider, especially given how often the drink is associated with specific seasons or occasions (vs. an everyday drink)? The story of Appie, is first and foremost a story about friendship. The five of us founders met during college. It was during one of our many travels together that the idea surfaced. We were having a drink in London and wanted to drink something other than beer. We realized the pub we were in served draft cider. We ordered it and knew from […]…

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