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Franco File Friday: Pierre Hermé

23 March 2012

Just teasing! No, the macaron master Pierre Hermé is not in the Franco File Friday spotlight today (though how fantastic would that be?) but I knew it would steal your attention. Another francophile will make an appearance in the series next week but until then, I thought I’d share my indulgence of choice in honor of spring’s sweet arrival. {Indulgence + Solidarity} For the 7th consecutive year, the first day of spring was celebrated in Paris with a macaron tasting in select pastry shops around the city. A complimentary macaron was offered in exchange for a small donation to support the foundation Autistes Sans Frontières (autism without borders). A positive initiative that doubles as a brilliant marketing strategy. Last year, Pierre Hermé doled out three macarons for the cause but dropped down to one which meant when I finally approached the counter to select my flavor, I caved. I came on a solo mission and left with a small family. The impatient sales girl whipped out a large, cellophane sachet and dangled it above the rainbow colored cookies, seemingly hinting that I’d be doing myself a disservice by opting for only one. After all, there was ample space in the sachet and […]…

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