In a country like France, where tradition reigns supreme, even a suggestion of change or newness has long been met with skepticism by the locals. This is no longer the case, I will argue in my new podcast. Think of it as a side dish to my book “The New Paris”.  With co-host Alice Cavanagh, a fashion journalist and author of the latest Wallpaper Guide to Paris, and an assortment of other local experts, I’ll take a closer look at the people, places and ideas that are changing the fabric of the storied French capital. Listen to the episodes below or on iTunes (and please subscribe!). 

Music by Little Glass Men


An introduction to The New Paris podcast, with writer Lindsey Tramuta and co-host and fellow writer Alice Cavanagh. In this episode we delve into the highs and lows of early expat life in Paris and our experiences as impatient outsiders in a city that took it’s sweet time to reveal itself to be (thankfully) more than a pretty postcard.

Links and mentions:
Hotel Amour

Fashion’s new Guard
Christelle Kocher

La Fromagerie Goncourt
52 Faubourg Saint Denis (accommodating to food allergies)



As a capital of gastronomy, it’s no surprise that a new and dynamic food scene heralded the first wave of change in Paris in recent years. In this episode, Alice and Lindsey pinpoint the names and addresses that have been at the forefront of this movement. Lindsey also sits down with French food writer and author Clotilde Dusoulier of Chocolate and Zucchini to discuss where food is headed (and where it needs to head), and later with Canadian chef Lina Caschetto, who talks about the Vancouver cooking style she’s brought to Paris and about an emerging focus on minimizing waste in the kitchen.

Links and mentions: 
-Achilles restaurant
Le 52 Faubourg Saint-Denis
Café Oberkampf
Grand Pigalle Hotel
Quixotic Projects


Lindsey talks innovation with digital anthropologist and best-selling author Rahaf Harfoush. Canadian-born and based in Paris for the past five years, Rahaf teaches innovation and emerging business models at Sciences Po and also contributed to The New Paris book. Rahaf talks to Lindsey about the tech hub of Silicon Sentier, in which sectors France is leading the way, and the promise of potential change in the upcoming election.

Links and mentions:
La Maison du Bitcoin
France’s start-up blog
BlaBla Car
La Ruche Qui Dit Oui (CSA)
The Family
Emmanuel Macron’s presidential campaign hub 


What makes Parisian sweets, from pastry to chocolate, so singular? In this episode, Lindsey speaks with two self-proclaimed gourmands — Frank Barron aka Cakeboy Paris and Sharon Heinrich of Paris Chez Sharon — to find out what they’re drawn to, why, and how the industry as a whole has changed in recent years.

Episode Guests:
Sharon Heinrich – Paris Chez Sharon 
Frank Barron – Cakeboy Paris 

Links and Mentions:
Le Meurice Hotel, Cédric Grolet (head pastry chef) 
Jacques Genin 
Claire Damon, Des Gâteaux et du Pain 
Pierre Hermé 
Bontemps Pâtisserie