Café in the Jardin du Palais Royal
I like to think of my site as a resource for readers but I also follow a number of expat blogs and travel websites that offer helpful tips on expat life, restaurants, shops or travel in Paris and France as a whole. Below you'll find some of my favorite places, regular reads and personal resources in design and food.

My food favorites in Paris

Télescope (personal favorite)
HolyBelly (+ breakfast/lunch; personal favorite)
Café Loustic (personal favorite)
Fondation Café (espresso bar; personal favorite)
Boot Café (espresso bar; good to-go; personal favorite)
Ten Belles
Le Bal Café (+ brunch)
Café Craft (good work space)

*Full list HERE

Le Camion Qui Fume (food truck)
Cantine California (food truck)

{Mexican + Argentinian}

{Brunch + Lunch}

{Bread + Sweets}
Helmut Newcake (gluten-free)
Sugar Daze (cupcakes)

{Wine Shops/Wine Bars}

{Beer and Cocktails}
Jules et Jim (Hotel)

Helpful posts and sites
Excuse My French (administrative help for expats!)

Paris + France Sites

Useful Paris Travel Resources
Savoir Faire (concierge)

Cooking Classes/Workshops/Other
La Cuisine Paris (English courses)
Patricia Wells (Paris/Provence)
Le Nôtre
La Belle Assiette (Chef à domicile)

AirBnB (apartments)
Haven in Paris (apartment rentals)
Hotel Verneuil (boutique hotel, Saint-Germain)
Le Citizen Hotel (boutique hotel, Canal St. Martin)
Hotel Paradis (boutique hotel, 10th)
Hotel Jules & Jim (boutique hotel, Marais)
New York Habitat (apartments)
Paris Perfect (apartment rentals)
Perfectly Paris (apartment rentals)

Travel Blogs (France + Elsewhere)

Design + Lifestyle Blogs

Food blogs

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