Café in the Jardin du Palais Royal
I like to think of my site as a resource for readers but I also follow a number of expat blogs and travel websites that offer helpful tips on expat life, restaurants, shops or travel in Paris and France as a whole. Below you'll find some of my favorite places, regular reads and personal resources in design and food. This food and drink list is by no means exhaustive so follow me on Instagram and Twitter for highlights from my dining adventures.

My food favorites in Paris

Télescope (personal favorite)
HolyBelly (+ breakfast/lunch; personal favorite)
Café Loustic (personal favorite)
Fondation Café (espresso bar; personal favorite)
Honor (outdoor café; personal favorite)
Boot Café
Ten Belles
Le Bal Café (+ brunch)
Café Craft (good work space)
Folks and Sparrows 
Matamata Coffee Bar
Strada Café
Belleville Brûlerie (open to the public on Saturdays only)
Café Lomi
O Coffeeshop (itinerant coffee cart)

*Full list HERE

Le Camion Qui Fume (food truck)
Cantine California (food truck + restaurant)
Frogburger (+ craft beer!)
Le Dépanneur
Paris vs. New York
Ferme de Mesenguy (in the Marché des Enfants Rouges)

{Mexican + Argentinian}
Chilango** FAVORITE
La Pulperia **FAVORITE
El Nopal
Luz Verde

{Brunch + Lunch}

{Bread + Sweets}
Du Pain et des Idées ** FAVORITE
Helmut Newcake (gluten-free)
Chambelland (gluten-free) ** FAVORITE 
Jacques Génin ** FAVORITE
Stohrer ** FAVORITE
Sugar Daze (cupcakes) ** FAVORITE
Colorova ** FAVORITE
L'Eclair de Génie **FAVORITE
L'Atelier de l'Eclair
Liberté ** FAVORITE
Les Fées Pâtissière
Ciel Pâtisserie (Japanese Chiffon/Angel cakes)
A L'Etoile d'Or (currently closed, see the story HERE)
Gâteaux Thoumieux
Comme à Lisbonne ** FAVORITE
Des Gâteaux et du Pain ** FAVORITE
Profiterole Chérie
Bontemps** FAVORITE
Pierre Marcolini ** FAVORITE

{Wine Shops/Wine Bars}
La Cave du Daron
La Buvette (11th arrondissement)
Buvette Gastrothèque (9th arrondissement)
Willi's Wine Bar (also great for dinner)

{Beer and Cocktails}
Le Perchoir (rooftop bar)
Lockwood *FAVORITE
Le Mary Celeste *FAVORITE
Pas de Loup *FAVORITE
La Réserve (hotel)
L'Entrée des Artistes * FAVORITE

Semilla ** FAVORITE
Al Taglio ** FAVORITE
Verjus ** FAVORITE
Helpful posts and sites
Excuse My French (administrative help for expats!)

Paris + France Sites

Useful Paris Travel Resources
Savoir Faire (concierge)
ColoraTour (France and beyond)

Cooking Classes/Workshops/Other
La Cuisine Paris (English courses)
Patricia Wells (Paris/Provence)
Le Nôtre
La Belle Assiette (Chef à domicile)

AirBnB (apartments)
Haven in Paris (apartment rentals)
Hotel du Temps (boutique hotel, 9th)
Hotel Verneuil (boutique hotel, Saint-Germain)
Le Citizen Hotel (boutique hotel, Canal St. Martin)
Hotel Paradis (boutique hotel, 10th)
Hotel Jules & Jim (boutique hotel, Marais)
Hotel Balzac (boutique hotel, Champs-Elysées)
Le Royal Monceau (Palace Hotel, 8th)
Hotel Molitor (luxury hotel, incredible spa)
Paris Copia (apartment rentals)
New York Habitat (apartments rentals)
Paris Perfect (apartment rentals)
Perfectly Paris (apartment rentals)
Welcome 2 France (apartments rentals)

Travel Blogs (France + Elsewhere)

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