Teatime in Paris by Jill Colonna (+ Giveaway!)

20 May 2015

If you’ve been following this site for any length of time, you might already be familiar with today’s guest contributor. Jill Colonna, author of “Mad About Macarons” and one of my earliest Franco File Friday features, has just released her second book “Teatime in Paris“, in which she shares the best and easiest ways to make French pâtisserie classics at home, from madeleines to éclairs. While some desserts may appear hard to make, Jill breaks down each recipe with a simple step-by-step, making them more than suitable to prepare for your own teatime, wherever you may be. Here, she offers a few additional tips on preparing French pastry at home, sans stresse! See her five tips below and don’t miss the giveaway at the bottom for a chance to win your own copy of Jill’s latest book! — 5 tips for no-stress French pastry baking at home — 1// Give yourself time with no distractions – or as little as you can. This should be a pleasure to make and ultimately a pleasure to share and taste. From experience, multi-tasking can result in missing out an important ingredient or weighing out the wrong measurement due to lack of concentration. The only […]…

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Inside Paris: Tips for a Rainy Day {by Amy Thomas}

29 October 2012

October has mostly been a wash-out here in Paris which can leave locals and visitors alike feeling crestfallen – what about those long walks atop growing piles of crunchy leaves in the Tuileries Gardens? Sad, I know. Even faced with relentless rain, author Amy Thomas thinks there’s plenty to make any Paris experience special.  When I think of my favorite moments in Paris, they’re the ones I’ve spent bombing down the streets on a Velib or exploring the different quartiers on foot—stumbling past beautiful boutique vitrines, admiring the doorways and courtyards, and suddenly realizing you’ve been adrift for hours. In other words, they’re moments that require the weather gods’ full cooperation. And anyone who’s spent any time in Paris knows “cooperation” does not often pair with “weather.” It can be unforgivably cold, rain for days, and inspire desires to curl up in a warm ball inside. What you need when the weather turns is a plan. Or my three-pronged strategy for Inside Paris: art, transportation and tea. Art Museums are the obvious choice for escaping the outdoors. So obvious that the whole city (or at least its millions of tourists) seems to flock to the Louvre or Musée d’Orsay on […]…

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Where to Take Afternoon Tea in Paris (guest post!)

30 November 2011

It’s 3pm. Your mouth is dry and you’re longing for a little hit of caffeine and sugar to tide you over into the evening… do you reach for a coffee? Well, you could… or you could make an occasion of it and treat yourself to an afternoon tea in Paris. From grand hotel tea rooms to intimate salons and trendy cafes, you can perform the tea ceremony with as much or as little splendor and circumstance as you like. The rules of the meal are far less rigid than in ‘tea cities’ like London or Hong Kong, so you can afford to play around. See my four recommendations below for a delectable afternoon treat! Luxury Tea: Le MeuriceIf you want a traditional afternoon tea with all the trimmings, Le Meurice near the Louvre has it covered. Marrying tradition with contemporary luxury, the hotel’s Phillippe Starck-designed Dali restaurant is the ideal setting for this proper English tea with a French twist. Jam, scones and finger sandwiches come piled on a dainty tiered stand, you can choose from a selection of fruit tarts, French cakes and macaroons whipped up by pastry chef Camille Lesecq. Your surroundings might be refined, but the atmosphere’s […]…

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