The Paris I Know – by Linda Donahue

1 November 2011

In anticipation of her forthcoming trip to Paris, I asked Linda Donahue of Parisien Salon to talk about how she prepares for her visit and what, if anything, she wanted to do differently this time around. Perhaps you will relate? As I prepare for yet another trip to Paris—my other “hometown”—I find myself once again fielding questions from friends and acquaintances. “What will you do there?” “What are you planning to see?” “Got anything good planned?” Given how many times a year I fly to Paris, I often wonder why anyone thinks I’ll suddenly change my stock answer: I have no idea. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve flown to Paris; how many days I’ve spent strolling along its winding streets. I remember, back in the first few visits, I would spend weeks planning my time in the city. I’d pour through guidebooks (back before the Internet became so accessible) and plot my time around themes or neighborhoods. If, for instance, I was going to the Musée Picasso, then I would have to start at the Place des Vosges, follow a specific route, eat in a pre-determined restaurant and continue to navigate in a way that allowed me to visit […]…

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Franco File Friday: Linda, Editor/Founder of Parisien Salon

22 April 2011

I frequently receive emails from readers who have spent much of their lives dreaming about France and hoping an opportunity to move abroad will serendipitously present itself. When it doesn’t happen on a permanent basis, they live vicariously through French-themed blogs and websites and do everything they can to vacation in France whenever possible. Writer and photographer Linda Donahue created Parisien Salon out of a genuine passion to share her love of Paris – to offer insider tips, reviews and stories crafted not only by her but by a team of contributors who know the city intimately. But Linda is also one of those individuals I mentioned who would do anything to call Paris a full-time home and soon, that wish will become reality. Until then, she and her Yorkie, Ella, split their time between Miami and Paris. Read on…. {all photos by Linda Donahue} Describe what you love about France in three words. Lifestyle, food, photogenic-ness (I know, I made that last word up, but I had to condense it into one word) Biggest difference and similarity between Paris and Miami? The biggest difference between the two cities is everything. Putting aside the obvious (climate, culture, architecture), Miami moves at a […]…

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