The Green and Floral Movement in Paris

27 November 2017

If you’ve been following The New Paris podcast, you’ve heard about the green and floral boom in Paris. My experts, Judith de Graaf and Elodie Love from Episode 12 talked about the rise of plant-focused concept stores, living walls, the popularity of home gardening, and the trend in dried flowers. But the 28-minute time slot flew by before we were able to go into detail about a few other topics, like flower delivery services (that are actually good and with a beautiful selection) and a few facts about green living in Paris that I didn’t know. VEGETALISONS PARIS The city’s hub for everything related to making the city a greener, plant-friendlier place to live. Any resident can apply for a permit to produce a green space (trees, community gardens, etc.) and the city offers a number of tools and even bulbs for free throughout the year to encourage urban gardening. Pas mal! DELIVERY SERVICES Finally, there are better options than Interflora! I’ve shopped with Bergamotte since they launched but there are other services that you can use on a regular basis (with a monthly floral option) or for special occasions: – AKAGreen  (Plants only) –Racine Paris (A new bouquet is […]…

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The New Paris Dispatch #3

12 November 2017

Welcome to a new series bringing you quick news updates from Paris in everything from food and shopping to culture and urban development. LA GRANDE EPICERIE OPENS RIVE DROITE Well, don’t get excited, it’s not in the section of the right bank with the most to do and eat. The new outpost of Le Bon Marché’s beloved food hall is deep in the 16th arrondissement on the shopping street rue de Passy. It has the same vast selection of international goods, fresh pastries, local brands and culinary events. If you want to go but aren’t sure what else to do/see/eat in the 16th, might I recommend: –Palais de Tokyo contemporary museum followed by drinks or lunch/dinner at Les Grands Verres -Drinks, lunch, dinner at La Rotonde de la Muette, a recently-renovated brasserie institution with all-day service and a cozy atmosphere for lingering after a day of shopping or museum-hopping. -Spa treatment, swim, or drinks at Hotel Molitor La Grande Epicerie Rive Droite 16 rue de Passy, 75016 Métro: Line 9, station La Muette AMERICAN STAND-UP COMICS PERFORM AT LE THEATRE DE L’OEUVRE Paris has no shortage of theaters, concert venues and comedy clubs but you’d be hard pressed to find […]…

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How Social Media Shapes Perceptions of Paris

17 October 2017
Paris Seine River at Sunset

On episode 9 of “The New Paris Podcast”, my co-host and I welcomed Arash Hajianpour of the design agency Optimistic Future, and Jane Bertch, co-founder of La Cuisine Paris cooking school, to discuss the ways in which our understanding of Paris may be shaped by what we see on social media. Those of you who have read my book know that traditional forms of media have greatly influenced the romanticized and even fetishized perception of the city but I did not do a deep dive into the role of social media specifically. We had an enlightening and passionate debate but it ended before we could tackle the topic of Instagram’s influence in the creation of new spaces in Paris.  Arash kindly offered to continue the conversation with some additional thoughts on the topic below.  — As social media increasingly democratizes journalism, we start to question where journalistic responsibility comes into play, if at all, on platforms like Instagram.  Because an Instagram user has 100k+ followers, are they influencing perceptions in an incredible way, perhaps in a way not seen before? How and why does that matter? With platforms to voice and field our opinions and ideas, we engage our day-to-day […]…

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The New Paris Dispatch #2

26 September 2017
Maison Aleph Caspar Miskin

Welcome to a new series bringing you quick news updates from Paris in everything from food and shopping to culture and urban development. DANIEL ROSE CLOSING SPRING  In sad restaurant news, chef Daniel Rose has announced he is looking to sell his most well known Parisian restaurant Spring. Get your reservations in while you can! The chef (and James Beard Award Winner) behind Le Coucou in New York City and La Bourse et La Vie and Chez La Vieille in Paris will focus his attention on other projects. WELCOME TO THE PASTRY SCENE, MAISON ALEPH As beloved as Paris is for gourmandes of all backgrounds, there is one type of treat that has long been maligned as cloyingly sticky-sweet, unrefined, and an unwelcome surprise at the end of a filling meal. Levantine pastries (Levant referring to the region that includes Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Israel, parts of Turkey, etc.), are traditionally soaked in honey and feature dried fruit and nuts though they are not always fresh. Their heaviness and excess is unfortunately what most people remember about them, said Myriam Sabet, the owner of the specialty pastry Maison Aleph when I went to meet her. “Too many people associate them with […]…

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Sézane Opens in NYC (+ Event update!)

18 September 2017
Morgane Sezalory Sezane

If you’ve read “The New Paris”, you understand the role of Morgane Sézalory and her brand Sézane in the evolving fashion and shopping scene in Paris. I first wrote about Sézalory’s unique career trajectory for The New York Times almost 2 years ago just as she was transitioning from an exclusively online business model to a brick-and-mortar showroom space called L’Appartement Sézane (which now includes an adjacent shop called La Librairie for handbags, small leather goods, books, stationery, and other lifestyle items). It’s been fascinating to watch her progression, especially as she moved beyond Paris with pop-ups across France to connect with the rest of her client base, capsule collections with the U.S. retailer Madewell, and now a physical space aptly called L’Appartement New York in Nolita, a project that emerged after careful, measured growth at home. In a milestone moment I will never forget, L’Appartement Sézane played host to my book launch in April. Now, to round out “The New Paris” tour for 2017, her New York space will welcome me in October, alongside Nichole Robertson of “Paris in Color” and more recently “New York in Color” and Will Taylor, author and creator of Bright Bazaar. Together, we will […]…

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