Holiday Giveaway: La Maison du Chocolat & Le Slip Français!

29 November 2017
Lindsey Tramuta Le Slip Francais

I didn’t grow up peeling back the cardboard flaps of advent calendars to reveal miniature chocolates or pieces of candy every day leading up to Christmas. In my family, we had a menorah and eight nights of candle-lighting in one room, and an oversized tree bedecked with colored twinkle lights, sparkled garlands and ornaments that my parents had carefully collected since before my older sister’s birth, in another. I grew up at the juncture of two traditions yet raised resolutely Jewish. Since I’ve been in France, I’ve connected rather with my (vaguely) spiritual side and moved away from any kind of religious practice. And yet, every year at the first mention of bûches de Noël and marrons glacés and at the first sight of department store window decorations, I’m yanked back into a state of unutterable joy that could only be set off by the spirit of a holiday celebration. As an artifact of both culture and environment, it’s the measured festivity and rituals of the table during Noël in France that appeal to me the most. It’s never over the top but always a time of honoring the makers that surround us. We head straight to our favorite food […]…

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The Green and Floral Movement in Paris

27 November 2017

If you’ve been following The New Paris podcast, you’ve heard about the green and floral boom in Paris. My experts, Judith de Graaf and Elodie Love from Episode 12 talked about the rise of plant-focused concept stores, living walls, the popularity of home gardening, and the trend in dried flowers. But the 28-minute time slot flew by before we were able to go into detail about a few other topics, like flower delivery services (that are actually good and with a beautiful selection) and a few facts about green living in Paris that I didn’t know. VEGETALISONS PARIS The city’s hub for everything related to making the city a greener, plant-friendlier place to live. Any resident can apply for a permit to produce a green space (trees, community gardens, etc.) and the city offers a number of tools and even bulbs for free throughout the year to encourage urban gardening. Pas mal! DELIVERY SERVICES Finally, there are better options than Interflora! I’ve shopped with Bergamotte since they launched but there are other services that you can use on a regular basis (with a monthly floral option) or for special occasions: – AKAGreen  (Plants only) –Racine Paris (A new bouquet is […]…

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