Paris Snapshots: Favorites du Moment

23 March 2015

If you have followed this site or my quick stories on Instagram since January, you may have seen that the year didn’t start off especially smoothly. France took a physical and emotional hit, I was knocked down by the flu and my cat became quite ill, leaving us in a fog of vet visits and parental panic. I’m sure those of with you animals can certainly understand the wrenching feeling. Through it all, I’ve begun the process to make some big professional changes and done my best to fill my days with little pick-me-ups. Fortunately, a handful of projects and discoveries, most revolving around food, offered just the distraction I needed. Here are a few highlights: 1/ New éclair collection for spring from L’Eclair de Génie.  Rouge Baiser, seen above, was launched for Valentine’s Day and should be sticking around for some time. But the exciting developments are in Christophe Adam’s new fruit flavors – blood orange, crispy raspberry, vanilla/green apple, wild strawberry, pineapple or blackcurrant (see above, right) – and the Barlette, his new creation that blends a bar and a tartelette into one fruity, crunchy treat. All new flavors available as of April.Visit La Fabrique where the éclairs are […]…

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Eating, Drinking, Seeing: End of 2014 Favorites

16 January 2015

I hesitated quite a while about jumping back into new content and travel stories when many of us are still reeling from last week’s events and closely following ongoing investigations. But then I thought, we can’t stop writing nor should we stop giving people all over the world reasons to visit France. So we plough ahead. Well, in this case it’s more like looking back since I want to share some of the people and places that infused the (rocky) end of the year with joy in all its forms. So let’s look back: 1/ Lunch at Clown Bar  When one of your editors comes to town and asks you to lunch, particularly someone who writes often about food, you select the destination carefully. Given Jen Murphy’s culinary writing for Afar, I was confident she would love Clown Bar, the historic bistro (1902) and former watering hole for the Cirque d’Hiver staff. The space was taken over by former Saturne talents who propose a market-driven menu of shareable small plates and natural wines offered by the glass. And while the interior was refurbished for its May opening, the most whimsical elements have been preserved beautifully: tiling featuring Sarreguemine clowns that adorn […]…

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Eating, Drinking & Seeing: 5 Favorites in November

10 December 2014

November always feels like a test of patience. Thanksgiving steals the spotlight every year and the days leading up to this big feast feel like filler, distraction from the turkey countdown. This time, however, the days were swift and sweet. Here are the highlights in the run up to the big, indulgent holiday: Hosting Fathom’s First Paris InstaMeet  Fathom is one of my favorite collaborative travel websites (I’ve previously contributed Paris content here and here) so naturally I was honored when they reached out to me with the proposal to co-host their first Paris Instameet with Rome-based writer Erica Firpo– essentially a get together among active Instagrammers in the city. Get the lowdown on the Paris Instameet HERE and see Fathom’s gallery of photo highlights HERE. Warming up with cortados at Cream  Two former Ten Belles baristas ventured out on their own to open CREAM this month, a new coffee bar in the Belleville neighborhood that serves excellent pour-overs, sandwiches and a short but sharp selection of cakes. Given their location and history working under the tutelage of Ten Belles lead Thomas Lehoux, it’s of little surprise that Joe and Maxime roast Belleville Brûlerie beans exclusively. CREAM 50 rue de Belleville […]…

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Eating, Drinking & Seeing in Paris: 5 favorites in October

18 November 2014

I may already be gearing up for another expat Thanksgiving and mapping out my itinerary for a trip stateside in December but October is still on my mind. Though there were moments of frenetic activity, the opportunities for work and play made it a truly unforgettable month. Here are five highlights: Meeting Frank Gehry at the Fondation Louis Vuitton  After working on a story on Bordeaux for Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine, my editor offered me the opportunity to cover something far more timely. The highly anticipated Fondation Louis Vuitton in the Bois de Boulogne is a veritable work of art inside and out thanks largely to the creative acumen of its architect, Frank Gehry. I’m not an acolyte of contemporary art but I do follow developments in French culture that propel the country forward, this cultural hub included. Gourmet Traveller sent me to the pre-opening where I had the chance to ask one of my many questions to Frank Gehry directly during the interview session. In fact, I was seated only a few feet from him, acutely aware of how much this moment meant to both many of the writers in the room and those who share Gehry’s love for […]…

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Eating, Drinking & Seeing in Paris: 5 Favorites in August / September

5 October 2014

The habitually languid month of August ran its course as it usually does. Parisians returned from vacation in one, thronging swoop, rush hour metro squabbles commenced where they left off and the specter of fall (and the temperatures that go with it) loomed large before it was officially back to school. Then, September rolled in hard and strong, effacing the hard-earned zen of summer but thoughtfully bringing with it balmy, blissfully sunny weather. The key to a painless rentrée, I find, is making the most of every moment, rain or shine. Here’s how I fared the last two months: 6th Wedding Anniversary Tea at Hotel Le Meurice The threat of rain showers botched our plans of spending our sixth wedding anniversary in the gardens of Vaux le Vicomte for their candlelight evenings (la visite aux chandelles), when 2,000 candles illuminate the estate and precede an impressive fireworks display. Skipping town last minute in August wasn’t an option so we opted for a leisurely afternoon over high tea in Le Meurice, the rococo palace hotel overlooking the Tuileries Gardens. Tea sandwiches, bite-sized desserts and champagne did the trick and we were pleasantly surprised by the gigantic raspberry millefeuille the wait staff […]…

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