The Best Macarons and Chocolates in Paris

6 November 2017
Henri Le Roux chocolate T Magazine

I don’t love best-of lists for obvious reasons — they are entirely subjective and liable to isolate those whose tastes fall somewhere beyond the selection. I also find that picking favorite restaurants, coffee shops, pastries, or even Parisian neighborhoods, is akin to being asked which of my cats I adore most; it’s a painful and futile exercise that leaves me feeling guilty. But (and you knew there would be a but), when it comes to pastry and chocolate in Paris, there are far too many options and not all of them merit your hard-earned dollars or your time. So when my editor at the New York Times T Magazine came to me and said they were launching a new series on the best of one thing (they began by ranking the most divisive dish in and out of Los Angeles, avocado toast) and wanted my thoughts on the Parisian specialties to cover, I instantly thought of my usual cravings: chocolate, bread, cheese. Instead, we kicked things off with macarons, the perennial crowd pleasers, and followed up last week with top chocolatiers. The lists are by no means exhaustive (I wanted to include Maison Chaudun and Chapon on my list for chocolate […]…

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Pastry Favorite: Kouign Amann

25 June 2017

“I feel like I need something crunchy” was a refrain I heard frequently from my father growing up. For him, a meal was complete when there was some degree of crunch or crackle. When it didn’t, he’d seek it out, rummaging through the cabinet for a handful of nuts or pretzels, some crispy granola or a hard cookie studded with any manner of delicious filling that I’d invariably snatch away from him. Having evidently inherited this penchant, the almost ineffable need for crunch is something I understand intimately. It’s as much about the sensation the sound produces as the taste of the food itself. When I moved to Paris ten years ago and followed my belly around the city to assess the breadth of the bread and pastry offering (sweets first, savory second), the crunch-friendly options were legion but not created equal. As far as breakfast pastries went, I was team-croissant until I had my first, awe-inspiring experience with a still little-known Breton pastry called the Kouign Amann. The two are similar insofar as they both are prepared from laminated dough and a liberal layering of butter, but the KA is denser and, most importantly, crispier throughout thanks to the […]…

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My 5 Favorite Restaurants in Paris

12 November 2015

If there is any question I am asked at least a handful of times per week it’s, “what are your absolute favorite restaurants in Paris”? which is somewhat akin to asking a parent which child they prefer. I don’t like to play favorites because at this point, there is so much good food in Paris that I feel like I would be doing myself and those asking a disservice by narrowing down my selection to only one or two. BUT while I value what many chefs are creating in Paris right now, there are only a handful of places I return to time and again. The 5 restaurants below meet my personal requirements for a quality meal, from the atmosphere and service to what’s on the plate. Will these change with time? Possibly. And if they do, I will update this post accordingly. I hope these pique your interest ! Bon appétit ! PIERRE SANG ON OBERKAMPF / ATELIER PIERRE SANG ON GAMBEY Since Pierre Sang, Top Chef finalist and former Christian Constant pupil, opened his first restaurant in 2012, I’ve observed his evolution with studied interest. His market-to-table ethos carries over to his new atelier Pierre Sang on Gambey, which opened in August, but […]…

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Paris Snapshots: Favorites du Moment

8 June 2015

For the next week, I’m stationed in New York City (and hopefully I can soon share what motivated the visit!) – feel free to follow my adventures on Instagram! In the meantime, here is another edition of Paris snapshots with some of my favorite sights and edibles of the moment. // Pooches frolicking // Nature showing off // Friends who bake (and bake well!) // Everything by Carl Marletti (but particularly the Lily Valley) // Dressed up profiteroles by Philippe Urraca, Meilleur Ouvrier de France & President MOF Pâtisserie // The perfect cup at Steel (more on Steel in my story for T Magazine! Photo by Jesse Morgan). What’s on your must-try list?…

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My Six Favorite French Instagram Accounts

6 April 2015

It has been heartening to be featured on several Best Instagram Account in France lists in recent months – Food Republic, Thrillist 1 and Thrillist 2 and a local French blogger named Carnets d’une Flâneuse Parisienne who has seen my food coverage – as I’ve worked hard to turn Instagram into an extension of this site. I’m well aware that fingering through a visual feed demands far less of a time investment than reading the many lines of a blog post so I’ve carved out another fun section of the internet for my view of Paris, the rest of France and my travels through Europe and beyond (which you can see HERE). And as I’ve spent more time there, I’ve discovered so many wonderful creative types, cooks, authors, dreamers and travelers whose visions of the world have enchanted and inspired me. In Paris in particular, the eye-catching feeds are legion. Below, I share six of my go-to French accounts to pay the inspiration forward. 1//  @Arthur_Gosse, student  You’d never know that Arthur spend most of his time in the classroom or studying for exams given how active he is on Instagram. He has an eye for capturing scenes of life in motion – people out and about […]…

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