Paris Dining: Au Passage (video)

25 September 2015

It’s an exciting time to live in Paris. In fact, that’s been true for the last five years as I’ve watched sleepy neighborhoods and fringe enclaves come alive with interesting food concepts, niche boutiques and a creative energy I never thought I’d feel in the city. My own neighborhood, the 11th arrondissement, has seen perhaps the most dramatic changes and most of them have been in food and drink. There are a number of establishments that can be credited with inspiring food-conscious Parisians to leave their familiar quartiers and travel to the 11th to dine (some of which I will talk about in my book!) but Au Passage ranks high on the list of relaxed bistrots that have radically shaken up the Parisian dining experience, with an approach that feels at once completely French and yet completely novel.  Bon Appétit magazine just released a new video that takes you inside Au Passage and manages, in only a few minutes, to tap into what is so special about the place and what continues to draw in crowds. Watch below! (email readers, click over the blog to watch!) Ps. today kicks off the two-week photoshoot with Charissa Fay for my book! Things […]…

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Some Paris Food Myths That Need to Die

23 January 2014

Last April, a food article by Rome-based writer/blogger Katie Parla went viral and for good reason – it addressed several myths about the local food culture that needed to be put to rest. It was a fun and extremely helpful read which got me thinking: what if I tackled some of the many food myths about Paris that drive locals bananas? Katie gave her tweet of approval and I sat down with my pal Bryan Pirolli to compile a non-exhaustive list of what we agreed to be some of the most grating exaggerations.    French cafés should be avoided. Are you a coffee snob? That’s fine, we can work with that in Paris. But if you think for a minute that a New York style coffee shop in Paris has the same charm as a traditional café, we daresay you’re mistaken. Many trendy, high quality coffee shops don’t even offer Wi-Fi because they don’t want their patrons lounging in the precious few seats that they have. Cafés, on the other hand, don’t care if you sit with your laptop and a few espressos for hours on end (though be sure to buy something). The café is an extension of the Parisian home, an office […]…

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