Old vs. New Craft Cocktails: the Evolution of the Bloody Mary in Paris

19 October 2015

Up until fairly recently, Paris was anything but a destination for cocktail enthusiasts. You could find bar classics at extortionate prices in luxury hotels, uber sweet Mojitos at no-name bars, but little else. But since the Experimental Group stoked a movement with the launch of the first Experimental Cocktail Club in 2007, the cocktails and spirits scene has undergone a drastic transformation. Today, Paris ranks among the world’s best cities for innovative craft cocktails and talented mixologists. Celebrating this exciting change is Doni Belau, founder of The Girl’s Guide to Paris, in her new book Paris Cocktails (Cider Mill Press). Belau not only covers the new wave of bars and bartenders but also a historical context that may surprise most readers (hint: a cocktail culture in the capital first emerged in the 1800s!). Here, the author shares a bit of background to one of the world’s most iconic cocktails and how it has been updated for today’s tastes. The classic Bloody Mary cocktail has come a long way from its creation in 1921 as a cure for a hangover to the various ingenious riffs on the recipe, which you can savor today in Paris or in your own home. Harry’s […]…

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Franco File Friday: Forest Collins of 52 Martinis

23 September 2011

Paris really is like a small village. I met a woman at my former gym and over a year later I find myself having a drink with her and cocktail expert/blogger Forest Collins of the site 52 Martinis at Le China- turns out, the two were friends and have collaborated together professionally. Throw in Kasia Dietz and Kim Laidlaw Adrey and you’ve got yourself a huge chunk of the expat blogging crowd. Forest and I had been exchanging tweets and emails long before we finally met but our shared love for Paris (and a certain kind of lifestyle -you might remember her contribution to my series) was evident from the beginning. Whereas my interest revolves primarily around food, Forest has grown her niche around her passion – cocktails. She regularly hosts cocktail meet-ups, is the first to get wind of the latest wine bar opening or event and offers honest reviews of some of the city’s most lauded lounges. Most recently she has begun contributing to the website World’s Best Bars, leveraging her expertise even further. But she didn’t move to Paris for cocktails, it was for a love of France… Describe what you love about France in three words […]…

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