“The New Paris” Book: Video Teaser

18 April 2017
The New Paris book teaser

Here we go! My little baby is making its way into the world today and I’m over the moon! I can’t wait to know what you think. One of the thrilling outcomes of having a book released all over the world at the same time is learning where it is being sold. So far, I’ve received messages and photos from booksellers and boutiques in Australia that have been displaying the book and I’ve spotted it in Paris at Colette, Shakespeare & Co, Artazart, WHSmith, and Sézane. It’s wild to think of my work reaching people from around the world and hopefully leading to a deeper appreciation for or better understanding of the French capital today. So what is “The New Paris”, you ask? It’s a bit of the video below (if reading in your email inbox, click HERE to watch the video!). Order your copy of “The New Paris” now! Click here for a list of online distributors or visit a bookseller nearest you. Once you’ve read it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or GoodReads!  Video by Haleigh Walsworth…

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5 Things I Learned in Paris

14 April 2017
Paris Montmartre

It was a pure delight to get work with the photographer Charissa Fay on this book and most importantly, she confirmed who my target audience would be — people like her! I thought it would be fun to get her thoughts on the experience on the shoot and what she learned about Paris through “The New Paris” lens.   Before Lindsey reached out to me with this exciting project, I had been to Paris five or six times, beginning with a French language exchange when I was fifteen.  There’s something heady about the overall atmosphere and the alluring, chic style of the city that always draws me back, so I was thrilled to spend two and a half weeks shooting the book in Fall 2015 and Summer 2016.  For a few wonderful weeks, I lived like a local in Paris!  And so what did I learn about this favorite city of mine? 1// As Lindsey writes, the 9th, 10th, and 11th arrondissements are the heart of the “new”, contemporary Paris.  In my previous visits, I had started naturally gravitating to younger, more local places in these neighborhoods, but I had no idea of the depth and true nature of the burgeoning, creative […]…

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‘The New Paris’ Book Tour: Event Dates

10 April 2017
The New Paris Book tour

April 18 – release date for “The New Paris” – will be here before I know it which not only means there’s a limited amount of time left to take advantage of the pre-order gift offer (click here for more on that!) but I’ll soon be flying to ‘Merica on a little tour! Here’s where can you find me talking about my new baby (gestation time: 2 years!) in April and May. I really hope to see you there! April 21, LOS ANGELES  Soho House, West Hollywood  12pm (members) Discussion  April 22, SAN FRANCISCO  Book Passage inside the Ferry Building  1pm Reading & Signing  April 23, CHICAGO  Read It & Eat  3-4:30pm Purchase tickets April 27, PHILADELPHIA Barnes & Noble, Rittenhouse Square  7pm Reading & Signing April 28, PHILADELPHIA Menagerie Coffee 11am-3pm Signing & Guest Roasting Belleville Brûlerie May 4, NYC  Jamini Pop-Up boutique 171 Elizabeth Street (SOHO) Meet & Greet + Signing May 4, NYC  Rizzoli Bookstore 6pm Q&A & Signing, moderated by Jeff Gordinier, Food & Drinks Editor at Esquire Magazine May 10, PARIS  The American Library in Paris 7:30PM Talk moderated by author and New Yorker writer Lauren Collins + Signing May 13, PARIS Fou de Pâtisserie […]…

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About “The New Paris”

22 March 2017
The New Paris Image by Charissa Fay

With just under one month before “The New Paris” lands on bookshelves or arrives in your mailboxes, I thought I’d share a bit about what motivated me to write the book in the first place. Unlike many authors, I haven’t been harboring a publishing ambition since childhood nor did I ever think that writing a book would be a realistic step in my career trajectory. In fact, if it weren’t for a conversation with my friend Nichole, astute in all creative matters and one of my longtime mentors, this book may not have even been an object to hold in your hands at all. It may have remained a nugget of an idea or come together in another way at a different time. I have always followed books and stories written about Paris with studied interest. I have a short list of favorites that I enjoy for their wit, their edifying qualities or their humor, but a longer list of titles that I don’t feel add any value to my experience or for travelers who have been to Paris time and again. I felt frustrated that few books were depicting what everyday life was like in Paris. What the streets looked like, what the […]…

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“The New Paris” book pre-order giveaway!

7 March 2017

Less than 1.5 months until “The New Paris” is released in bookstores around the world! I couldn’t be more excited. Well, perhaps I can be: I have something extra to share with you! My very talented friend, watercolor artist, and author Jessie Kanelos Weiner has designed and painted an exclusive map (sneak peek below! If you’re reading in your email, click to see the animation HERE) that will be printed and mailed to every reader (U.S. mailing address required, mes amis!) who has pre-ordered a copy of “The New Paris”! On the map, you’ll find a handful of spots that I discuss and/or feature in the book, plus a few landmarks to situate you. If you’ve already pre-ordered, go on and grab that confirmation email you received, take a screen shot, and upload it into the form below with your details! You’ll then be on the list to receive this special goodie when the book is released on April 18th. Haven’t pre-ordered? Head to my BOOKS page to find a list of retailers! Entries accepted through April 17th. For all your support, un grand MERCI! Fill out my online form.…

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