Eating, Drinking & Seeing in Paris (and beyond): 5 Favorites in June & July

13 August 2014

The first half of summer whipped by with such breakneck speeds that I hardly had a moment to process it all and stay on top of my monthly highlights. Proof of time well spent, no? Below, five highlights from the last two months: Taking my family to my favorite spots in Paris Based on discussions with my father before his arrival last month, I was uncertain I’d get to adequately introduce him to the local dining and drinking spots I frequent the most – Fondation Café, Verjus, Willi’s Wine Bar, to name a few. All would depend on my little brother’s willingness to soldier through action-packed afternoons, museum visits and miles of walking. Setting low expectations in that regard proved to be the right move as I was pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up being able to show them. And of course, those experiences bore a few lessons. Check those out here! Discovering Menorca (aka my future retirement home) The trouble with vacation is that shortly after it ends and you’ve returned to a normal routine, the experience feels like an evanescent memory. Fortunately, I have more than Menorca’s unspoiled beaches to keep our trip last month front […]…

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Love in Menorca

14 July 2014

Few hotel stays end in a hug and a European double air kiss but that’s exactly how our experience at the Biniarroca Hotel in Menorca concluded. Beyond base level hotel attentiveness, the entire staff was engaging in ways we didn’t anticipate. They had fascinating lives, with stories we were eager to hear and they too wanted to know more about us – what brought us to the island, what we do in Paris and where we hope to go in the future. After all the advice she doled out and time spent getting to know us, it didn’t feel right to leave without properly embracing Alice, the woman who helped make the start of our visit so special. What we didn’t realize then, as this was the first stay of several on the island, is that the warmth and kindness of the hotel’s team was an example of the Menorcan état d’esprit; an ineffable sweetness that we encountered right up to until we boarded the plane back to Paris. It was instantly clear why my friends Will and Toby have not only made Menorca their annual holiday destination but selected it, without hesitation, as the backdrop for their nuptials. And […]…

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On the road again: Menorca!

28 June 2014

It could pass for the Calanques of Marseille but that shot above is of Menorca, my current destination. We’re spending five days on Spain’s smaller (but most beach-laden) island not just for a getaway but to celebrate the nuptials of my sweet friend Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar. For a few sneak peeks from his wedding and some highlights of island life, head over to my Instagram feed! A full update with tips coming soon. Hope you’re enjoying yourselves, wherever you are!…

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