Franco File Friday: author Jill Colonna {+ a giveaway!}

9 September 2011

The trouble with French pastries is they quickly burn a hole in our wallets. Even those that are small in stature (but big on taste) can set us back at least 3€ a piece and frankly, I’d rather spend that on a few loaves of fresh, multi-grain bread from the bakery. Immaculate, refined and delicious though they may be, French patisseries remain a luxury for me – a splurge for a surprise, a birthday or to brighten a bad day. Macarons are undeniably the ultimate guilty pleasure of late, particularly for new expats who discover the plethora of flavors and specialists available in Paris. Associating “cute” with a dessert shifts thus from cupcakes to macarons – miniature and colorful, is there really a better word for them? But again, expensive. And especially expensive when you consider how quickly they’re consumed. So why not make our own? Jill Colonna, a macaron fan, sought to do just that. Motivated by expense and a solid challenge, Jill began baking macarons. Then photographing them. And then writing about them. Her days in Marketing for the OECD were far behind her – Jill had two kids to raise and impress with her treats! After 18 […]…

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