Franco File Friday: Lauren Bate (Folies du Bonheur)

24 April 2015

After an extended hiatus, the Franco File Friday series is back for the 4th year! And I’m so pleased to kick things off again with someone I’ve gotten to know better over the last year and someone I enjoy immensely. Lauren Bate, of the blog Folies du Bonheur, came to Paris for two days in 2009 via London where she had been visiting a friend. Almost instantly, she sensed that this brief experience in the city was merely the beginning of a much longer journey. Shortly after she returned to Australia, she was laid off from her job and used the handsome redundancy offer to settle in Paris (the lucky lady also has Italian citizenship, allowing her to stay without issue). As she puts it, it was the universe telling her to make the leap. Since, she’s been documenting her life here alongside Daisy, her canine companion, and her travels through France. Meet Lauren!   1. Describe what you love about France in three words. Food, Friends, Flowers 2. Your favorite neighborhood ? Oh, it’d be a photo finish between Batignolles in the 17th where I live and the 3rd, where I hang. Who am I kidding, where the good coffee […]…

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