7 Watercolor Illustrations by artist Jessie Kanelos Weiner

28 March 2016
Jessie Kanelos Weiner

  If you have been following Lost in Cheeseland for a number of years, you are no stranger to Jessie Kanelos Weiner’s work — she is among the many talented expats I have featured on Franco File Fridays and have had the great fortune of collaborating with her on a story for the New York Times T Magazine last year (about pastry, of course!). Now, I’m excited to share the American watercolor illustrator’s biggest project to date: Edible Paradise: a Coloring Book of Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables.  Beyond its therapeutic merits, readers can use Edible Paradise as a guide to seasonal eating, coloring it in as they go along. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that this book represents food activism, but it gently reintroduces a topical subject like seasonal eating in a fun, approachable, interactive way.  Jessie hopes it will engage readers young and old to take a second look at nature and what they put into their bodies. Perhaps it is even the bridge between screen time and nature.  Although Jessie’s work as a watercolorist is often literal and interpretational, this book was an exercise in dreaming up nature’s psychedelic details. And the richest part of the book is that […]…

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Travel Afar (+ a giveaway)

13 February 2013

Blizzards, hail storms and bone-chilling temperatures have marked the start of 2013 and while there’s plenty to enjoy in Paris at this time of year, the attendant sniffles and coughs quickly put a damper on fun. In times like these we must skew our attention elsewhere – toward planning. Because there’s no greater salve for winter doldrums than the promise of a getaway. In our case, we’ve got our sights set on a return to Amsterdam to visit friends who, after years of expat life, are steeling themselves for their next adventure; a first trip to Florence; a long weekend in Marseille; a short sojourn in the Dordogne for a wedding; a jaunt around Spain or Portugal (end of July/August – which is better?!); and our long overdue honeymoon in Thailand (potentially) at the tail end of 2013. Sadly, this means there may not be an opportunity for me to return to the States this year but I’m hoping to sneak in a week by autumn. As exciting as these prospects are, planning them properly – that is, ensuring our itinerary will yield the best possible experience – entails considerable research. Fortunately, AFAR Magazine‘s integrated online community puts travel tips and […]…

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Franco File Friday: Jessie of The Francofly

11 January 2013

From the start, my approach to this series has been personal. My goal has been to introduce you to individuals whose work inspires me and whose connections to France are notable. There may be common elements to the Francophile narrative but each reflect a singular passion, be it for food, art, writing, designing or photography. The collection has grown tremendously since I began these features and as I encounter new expats and other longtime visitors to France, I’m astounded by the breadth of stories left to tell.  After following her work for several months, I had the opportunity to meet food stylist and illustrator Jessie Kanelos Weiner just before the expat exodus for the holidays and learn more about her own journey. As she describes, it all began with an experience as an au pair – “a year of cutting chicken cordon bleu into bite-sized pieces and blow drying a petite Parisienne’s hair every night” which turned into a tale of great love, both with country and countrymen (well, one in particular). After a requisite period of ocean-hopping, she settled back in Paris a year ago as a newlywed, determined to maintain the creative drive she felt in Chicago and New York. It wasn’t long […]…

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