My Six Favorite French Instagram Accounts

6 April 2015

It has been heartening to be featured on several Best Instagram Account in France lists in recent months – Food Republic, Thrillist 1 and Thrillist 2 and a local French blogger named Carnets d’une Flâneuse Parisienne who has seen my food coverage – as I’ve worked hard to turn Instagram into an extension of this site. I’m well aware that fingering through a visual feed demands far less of a time investment than reading the many lines of a blog post so I’ve carved out another fun section of the internet for my view of Paris, the rest of France and my travels through Europe and beyond (which you can see HERE). And as I’ve spent more time there, I’ve discovered so many wonderful creative types, cooks, authors, dreamers and travelers whose visions of the world have enchanted and inspired me. In Paris in particular, the eye-catching feeds are legion. Below, I share six of my go-to French accounts to pay the inspiration forward. 1//  @Arthur_Gosse, student  You’d never know that Arthur spend most of his time in the classroom or studying for exams given how active he is on Instagram. He has an eye for capturing scenes of life in motion – people out and about […]…

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Philly, NYC and Mariage #2

21 June 2011

The trouble with marrying a foreigner is that the wedding, no matter how small, is challenging to organize. Inevitably, many guests aren’t able to attend destination weddings and the same was true for my wedding in Paris almost three years ago (three!!!). It was a small wedding with a ceremony at the Mairie du XIème followed by an elegant cocktail/buffet reception. I always thought we’d end up doing a traditional ceremony in the States with an aisle, bridesmaids and best men (with or without the ivory princess dress). But that was when I assumed our Paris wedding wouldn’t feel like the real deal; wouldn’t feel official. What I realized after was that it was exactly what I hoped it would be. It was the right size for us and the ceremony at the city hall was far more poignant than I ever expected. Still, so many of the important people in my life were unable to attend so I knew I would want to throw some kind of party in the States. For a number of situational reasons, it has taken us three years to organize a second celebration but after eight months of planning, the day is finally upon […]…

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