Summer Silence in Paris

8 August 2012

Summer in Paris? I tricked you, I’m sorry. Paris only sports those palm trees in August when over 6,000 tons of sand is hauled in for Paris Plage, the capital’s makeshift tropical getaway along the Seine.  In case those majestic palm trees didn’t give it away, this photo was taken in Santa Monica though it could have easily have been Palm Springs, Santa Barbara or even San Francisco – places I’m still thinking of two months after our trip. I might also add that the title of this post is a bit misleading. Paris is indeed sleepy in August but that’s not entirely what this is about. What I’d really like to be doing this month – availing myself of the lighter crowds to test some of the city’s storied sweets (so many left to try) and new tables – is at odds with what is actually possible. I couldn’t fight off my disappointment when the first “en congés” (on holiday) signs were haphazardly fastened to shops fronts and bakery doors nor could I stave off the pit in my stomach at the thought of how meager my meals would be for the rest of the summer. My trusty bakery, most of […]…

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So Who the Hell Are You Anyways?

18 April 2010

I’m fascinated by identity. Its formation, its nuances and its complexities. This is mostly because of a course I took in grad school aptly called Identity Formation in a Transnational World. I really enjoyed conducting my research for this class and am still extremely interested in how individuals who have lived in multiple cultures construct their sense of self. A friend of mine recently told me more about her multi-cultural heritage and how she refutes the idea that one’s location and environment directly influence their identity. I found her story to be both intriguing and saddening but definitely worth sharing.  So who the hell are you anyways? Building an identity without a home country and blood-relatives who hate you This piece was originally going to explain how certain life experiences had shaped my identity into what it is today. A few discussions with friends down the way, I realised that giving the quick and dirty explanation was not satisfactory, didn’t sound right. Let me start with an opening remark. I am pretty sure of who and what I am. While I’m sometimes hard pressed to explain it to others, deep down, there never is any doubt. As for home, it […]…

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