Philly, NYC and Mariage #2

21 June 2011

The trouble with marrying a foreigner is that the wedding, no matter how small, is challenging to organize. Inevitably, many guests aren’t able to attend destination weddings and the same was true for my wedding in Paris almost three years ago (three!!!). It was a small wedding with a ceremony at the Mairie du XIème followed by an elegant cocktail/buffet reception. I always thought we’d end up doing a traditional ceremony in the States with an aisle, bridesmaids and best men (with or without the ivory princess dress). But that was when I assumed our Paris wedding wouldn’t feel like the real deal; wouldn’t feel official. What I realized after was that it was exactly what I hoped it would be. It was the right size for us and the ceremony at the city hall was far more poignant than I ever expected. Still, so many of the important people in my life were unable to attend so I knew I would want to throw some kind of party in the States. For a number of situational reasons, it has taken us three years to organize a second celebration but after eight months of planning, the day is finally upon […]…

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Good Things Come in Twos

2 August 2010

I was never one of those girls who fantasized endlessly about her future wedding. I didn’t necessarily see a trailing white gown or a 4-tiered wedding cake nor did I hear Pachabel serenading me down the aisle in my imagination. I was too busy imagining who I would meet that would be worthy of taking the leap into marriage. I wondered when I would stop putting myself into precarious situations with men and find someone that appreciated me, flaws and all. I had to leave the country to find that. Long gone were the days of being belittled for my francophilia by ignorant and unsupportive boyfriends – I had found the person that would make my Parisian dream a reality. One of my friends recently asked me how I knew I had fallen in love and all I could say was the realization hit me like a brick. Not exactly an elegant way of describing one of the most pivotal moments in my life, but the imagery is fitting. It was not a clichéd fairytale of romance but one of progressive bonding. Despite struggled speech, we valiantly succeeded at turning a fleeting 7 week romance into something more solid, knowing […]…

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