Paris Snapshots: Favorites du Moment

8 June 2015

For the next week, I’m stationed in New York City (and hopefully I can soon share what motivated the visit!) – feel free to follow my adventures on Instagram! In the meantime, here is another edition of Paris snapshots with some of my favorite sights and edibles of the moment. // Pooches frolicking // Nature showing off // Friends who bake (and bake well!) // Everything by Carl Marletti (but particularly the Lily Valley) // Dressed up profiteroles by Philippe Urraca, Meilleur Ouvrier de France & President MOF Pâtisserie // The perfect cup at Steel (more on Steel in my story for T Magazine! Photo by Jesse Morgan). What’s on your must-try list?…

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Franco File Friday: Cakeboy Paris (Frank Barron)

14 May 2015

I met Frank Barron (aka CakeBoy) the way I seem to meet most new friends and acquaintances in Paris these days: at one of the city’s many coffee shops. In fact, it was at the coffee shop seen above, Boot Café. I strolled in with my in-laws post-brunch in an attempt to school them on the merits of specialty coffee. Given how tiny the café is (barely a sliver!), I couldn’t help but feel the eyes of three lovely men on us: Frank, his partner and Parker, his loyal Boston Terrier. We exchanged pleasantries and continued on our way. For weeks after this encounter, Frank and I crossed paths constantly – at other coffee shops, on our way to coffee shops, on the return walk home from coffee shops. Finally, it only made sense to intentionally plan a date around our shared passion and the rest was, well, a history of caffeine and cake. As I’ve gotten to know Californian Frank, I’ve learned about his fondness for French fashions, French baked goods and French design and discovered many overlaps in our preferences. I also discovered his unassuming talents in the world of cake making, a skill that may lead him […]…

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