Franco File Friday: Janice MacLeod, author of ‘Paris Letters’

22 August 2014

How much money does it take to quit your job and move abroad? That was the abiding question author Janice MacLeod asked herself for over a year when confronted with the stasis and routine of her life working in advertising in Los Angeles. It was also one of the key elements to her personal journey to Paris in her memoirs ‘Paris Letters’, published earlier this year. What I loved about her story is that it’s so universally relatable – who hasn’t been in a position to question their life setup? Burdened by an accumulation of material possessions and a stifled imagination, it’s easy to see how a bonfired past and a fresh start could be an attractive prospect. Even more so when that fresh start involves new environs, new faces, new encounters. For Janice, her new beginning in Paris led to the birth of new creative pursuits and a multi-cultural love story the likes of which she could never have anticipated. For the details of her life reboot, you’ll have to pick up her book. Until then, learn a little more about Janice below! Describe what you love about France in three words. Charm. History. Artists. What tactics helped you […]…

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Franco File Friday: Daisy of THATLou

18 April 2014

The Louvre is at once spectacular and intimidating, and for art novices, the sheer size of its collection may even induce anxiety. To avoid shuffling through each corridor aimlessly, it’s wise to visit armed with an itinerary, or even a guide, to create a tour according to what you’d most like to see. Thanks to one New York expat, there’s now a third option. Daisy de Plume (yes, a pseudonym), art fanatic, entrepreneur and expat in Paris since 2004, launched THATLou (Treasure Hunt at the Louvre) two years ago as a way to lend new meaning to touring the museum. Riding on its success, she recently launched THATRue, an extension to the concept, which takes visitors into the streets for three distinct hunts of the Latin Quarter. Daisy’s initial motivation to come to Paris may have been pure escapism but what has kept her here for the last decade is an insatiable passion for France, its history and its evolutions. Learn more about her below! Describe what you love about France in three words. History. Lifestyle. Chablis. Favorite area of Paris to introduce to out-of-towners? I have a standard walk I do with guests that circles my own Faubourg St […]…

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Franco File Friday: Stephanie of DelicatesseNY

21 February 2014

We’re forever hearing stories of Anglos uprooting themselves to be with French men for a life, they hope, of greater intrigue. Less common, at least in the realm of expat blogs, are the tales of French men and women who decamp abroad for love and adventure. Which is why I’m thrilled to have stumbled into the delicious world of Stéphanie from the blog DelicatesseNY, a French expat in Manhattan who catalogues her experiences through food and luscious photography (a gal after my own heart). Professional opportunities as a writer inspired Stéphanie’s move to New York in 2006 but that she has stayed this long reflects more amorous motivations. When she called upon her readers to guide her to the best croissant in town, an American man spoke up to recommend a bakery he knew and loved. They took the pastry confab offline and met at the bakery for their first date. What Stéphanie found there, however, was far less evanescent than a fulfilled sweet tooth – she and Danny, the clever blog reader, are now married and pursue their eating explorations together. Here, she talks about missing France and finding tastes of home in New York. Describe what you love […]…

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Franco File Friday: Suzanne Flenard of Square Modern

17 January 2014

This series ended on a sweet note in 2013 and begins this year on a decidedly stylish one. Suzanne Flenard moved to Paris five years ago with her partner Jeremy on what she thought would be a ‘six month break’, an escape from the New York City grind and a stressful (and successful) job as an interiors specialist at Design Within Reach. They succumbed to the Paris pull and never left. When it came to decorating their Marais apartment, thy struggled to find modern accessories that matched their style. Like many enterprising expats who observe a gap or need in the market, Suzanne took matters into her own hands. Literally. In 2012 she launched Square Modern, a brand of mid-century modern cushions made from reclaimed designer textiles. And since one project is rarely enough to satisfy an entrepreneurial spirit, Suzanne is gearing up to set her next business into motion – a personal home shopping service for expats in need of, well, everything, for their new Parisian apartments. Living proof that it’s never too late to start over (and move to Paris). Read on for more about Suzanne! Describe what you love about France in three words. Food, architecture, travelAdvice for […]…

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Franco File Friday: Cindy Wang of Sugared & Spiced

6 December 2013

Full transparency: I may have been eavesdropping on Cindy Wang’s conversation with a friend when I met her. We were seated next to each other at HolyBelly, one of my favorite coffee shops, and I couldn’t help but overhear her ongoing discussion about the merits and shortcomings of some of the city’s pastry shops. That she spoke with such confidence and expertise is no surprise – she is specialized in pastry. Cindy, originally from Taiwan and an expat in Paris by way of Shanghai, left the corporate world to follow her passion. She trained at Ferrandi, interned at Un Dimanche à Paris and has been a full-time pâtissier at Fauchon for the last several months. Fully intrigued, I introduced myself and we spent an hour swapping pastry favorites and planning a date to go sweets-hunting together. Cindy documents her taste-testing adventures on the blog Sugared & Spiced, which features luscious photography and detailed reviews of the city’s renowned and lesser known pastry shops. While she may not stay in Paris permanently, her experiences in the last year and a half have already bolstered her ambition to open her own pastry shop and baking studio, perhaps back in Asia. Until then, […]…

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