26 July 2011

I’ve come to realize that the local bakery is to Parisians what Tupperware is for Americans. I grew up going to dinner parties with my parents and never had to ask what we would bring (we rarely hosted). An oversized plastic salad bowl covered in aluminum foil with its diminutive tupperware companion that stored the dressing. Dessert was never our contribution to the meal, always greens. Arriving with our arms full, we’d be greeted at the door by a woman with a soiled apron and slightly tousled hair (that may or may not have sheltered bits of dangling crumbs) who would lead us to the table where we would set down our salad, right next to a heap of other rainbow-colored Tupperware containers. The fact that my French mother-in-law still boasts the wonders of Tupperware, and the tradition of their parties, is not only amusing to me but somewhat indicative of how novel certain American products are in foreign markets – particular those with business models targeting at stay-at-home women. When I’m invited to someone’s home for a meal in Paris, it inevitably requires a trip to the bakery and/or wine shop. Would the host enjoy a simple baguette? A bagful of […]…

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Patrick Roger & Fouquet: a Very Tasty Behind the Scenes

10 May 2011

A Visit to Patrick Roger Chocolate in Paris from David Lebovitz on Vimeo. I don’t pretend to know much about chocolate let alone the nuances of French chocolate but I certainly know who to turn to for advice and candid reviews when I’m looking for a sweet fix. David Lebovitz, famed epicurean and pastry chef (formerly of legendary restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA), got a private look at the Patrick Roger laboratory and a chance to interview the chocolate artist himself at work. As if David didn’t already have my attention with his decadent chocolate close-ups, the mere mention of caramel and pumpkin combined in one mouth-watering, indulgent square was enough to send me leaping out from my chair and out the door to my nearest Patrick Roger boutique. That was back in March…. Fouquet Chocolate and Confectionary Shop in Paris from David Lebovitz on Vimeo. Now David has done it again with a tour of Fouquet, one of the oldest French candy and chocolate shops in Paris (founded 1852), and an interview with Frédéric Chambeau whose family has owned the shop since the early 1900’s. I’m not particularly drawn to candy but the chocolate covered almonds pique my taste buds […]…

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