Eating Non-French Food in Paris

18 October 2012

North African and Middle Eastern cuisine notwithstanding, Paris isn’t exactly known for its ethnic fare. The prevalence of tacos, burgers, sushi and dim-sum is a relatively recent phenomenon but one which has completely reinvigorated an erstwhile lagging food scene. Slowly (and this is key because the French are historically resistant to change), Parisians are beginning to appreciate the variety and influence of foreign styles and tastes and expats are, well, ecstatic. I frequently field questions from readers about dining out in Paris, specifically for non-French fare. In addition to listing a few of my own favorites, I’ve enlisted the help of a few of my hedonist writer friends – Ann Mah, David Lebovitz, Amy Thomas, Erica Berman, Barbra Austin and Bryan Pirolli – for a varied list you can consult on your next trip should the idea of steak frites and French onion soup seem underwhelming. {MY PICKS} CandelariaA boon to taco-starved expats when it opened over a year ago, this taqueria-meets-cocktail lounge has been consistently good since day one.  Tuck into tacos, tostadas, and deliciously chunky guacamole in the narrow taqueria then head past the unmarked door at the back of the kitchen for prohibition-style cocktails and great music. El […]…

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Franco File Friday: Erica of Haven in Paris

2 July 2011

One of the advantages of running your own business in Paris, whether you are French or foreign, is always being able to rely on a stable flux of visitors each year. The interest in and fascination with Paris is unwavering, motivating 42 million tourists a year to pack their loose-fitting pants and walking shoes, book flights and come for, what is in most cases, a travel experience of a lifetime. Veteran Paris regular Erica Berman knew just how to tap into what travelers to Paris were looking for when she started Haven in Paris, short-term apartment rentals – a chance to live more like the locals, feel at home in a Paris apartment and have the luxury of knowing they have the kitchen space to prepare their own meals should they choose to do so. Launched in 2004, HIP (as it has come to be called), offers a selection of studios, 1, 2, and 3 bedroom apartments all over the city, in addition to a few villas in Provence and Tuscany, that cater to a range of budgets. Out of this venture developed a hugely successful and entertaining blog which has become an invaluable resource for impending visitors and Paris dreamers […]…

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