Getting My Egg On at Eggs&Co

26 July 2010

New signage for Eggs&Co coming soon! Ever since I was a little kid, eggs, in all its forms, have been a staple of my diet. My gastronomical fussiness growing up meant coercing my parents to prepare separate meals for me when I didn’t like what was being served and this often included scrambled eggs and toast. Although incorrigible and finicky, I was content with this arrangement. During my high school years, my father and I would go out to breakfast almost every Sunday to overly simplistic retro diners with waitresses in unflattering hip-hugging dresses and bottomless coffee, you know the type. Yet what these places lacked in originality and aesthetics they made up for in quality. Quality pancakes, waffles and scrambled eggs that I never seemed to be able to recreate properly at home.  What I’ve always loved about eggs is their versatility – one of the few foods that can acceptably be prepared for breakfast, lunch or dinner in any one of its forms. A deli outside one of my undergraduate university buildings provided my (almost) daily mid-morning snack of egg and melted cheese on a whole grain bagel. Hard-boiled eggs were regulars in my lunchtime salads, and scrambled […]…

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