French-Inspired Summer Reading: 2014 Edition

5 July 2014

School’s out, beach bags are packed: summer is here! Which means it’s time for a round-up of some of the best French-themed reads of the season. The advantage? Many of them serve several purposes. Cookbooks and guidebooks now come brimming with the kinds of rich stories you won’t be able to put down and are liable to inspire your next vacation. They also factor among my favorites this year. Here are a few of my picks: ‘The Paris Journal, Part I‘ by Nichole & Evan Roberston What began as an e-book has become a stunning, printed story narrated by an anonymous, solo traveler intent on unraveling the city’s multi-layered spirit over the course of one day. Seventeen chapters will leave you wanting more but rest assured: this is the first of several tales Nichole and Evan have ready to unfurl. ‘Hungry for Paris’ (2nd Edition) and ‘Hungry for France’ by Alec Lobrano Not one but two must-have food bibles from the ever-prolific food and travel writer Alec Lobrano. France is essentially a vast canvas for culinary discovery, one that drew Alec in from his days as European correspondent for Gourmet Magazine. Take that experience, a finely-tuned palate and a profound […]…

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Eating Non-French Food in Paris

18 October 2012

North African and Middle Eastern cuisine notwithstanding, Paris isn’t exactly known for its ethnic fare. The prevalence of tacos, burgers, sushi and dim-sum is a relatively recent phenomenon but one which has completely reinvigorated an erstwhile lagging food scene. Slowly (and this is key because the French are historically resistant to change), Parisians are beginning to appreciate the variety and influence of foreign styles and tastes and expats are, well, ecstatic. I frequently field questions from readers about dining out in Paris, specifically for non-French fare. In addition to listing a few of my own favorites, I’ve enlisted the help of a few of my hedonist writer friends – Ann Mah, David Lebovitz, Amy Thomas, Erica Berman, Barbra Austin and Bryan Pirolli – for a varied list you can consult on your next trip should the idea of steak frites and French onion soup seem underwhelming. {MY PICKS} CandelariaA boon to taco-starved expats when it opened over a year ago, this taqueria-meets-cocktail lounge has been consistently good since day one.  Tuck into tacos, tostadas, and deliciously chunky guacamole in the narrow taqueria then head past the unmarked door at the back of the kitchen for prohibition-style cocktails and great music. El […]…

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Franco File Friday: David Lebovitz

18 November 2011

This man hardly requires an introduction. Pastry and chocolate connoisseur, formerly of legendary restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA., David Lebovitz is as much a famous face in Paris as in the States. Author of six books, including The Sweet Life in Paris which chronicles the trials and tribulations of his move to France, his adjustment, and comical encounters that represent daily life in the capital, and a hugely successful eponymous blog, David has become a veritable resource for Francophiles and adopted-Parisians. Between organizing chocolate and candy tastings, seasonal book signings, attending food blog conferences, writing, and private gastronomy tours through Paris and Lausanne, Switzerland, he managed to find the time to create the ultimate mobile guide to the city’s top spots for pastries, ice cream, hot chocolate and more. David teamed up with fellow writer and tour guide Heather Stimmler-Hall and my friend, Bryan Pirolli, to create Paris Pastry, an iPhone app that serves as an invaluable pastry-hunting tool for visitors and locals alike. I’m honored to have David on Franco File Friday today! Describe what you love about France in three words. Universal Health Care One of the things I miss most about the US are the variety […]…

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Patrick Roger & Fouquet: a Very Tasty Behind the Scenes

10 May 2011

A Visit to Patrick Roger Chocolate in Paris from David Lebovitz on Vimeo. I don’t pretend to know much about chocolate let alone the nuances of French chocolate but I certainly know who to turn to for advice and candid reviews when I’m looking for a sweet fix. David Lebovitz, famed epicurean and pastry chef (formerly of legendary restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA), got a private look at the Patrick Roger laboratory and a chance to interview the chocolate artist himself at work. As if David didn’t already have my attention with his decadent chocolate close-ups, the mere mention of caramel and pumpkin combined in one mouth-watering, indulgent square was enough to send me leaping out from my chair and out the door to my nearest Patrick Roger boutique. That was back in March…. Fouquet Chocolate and Confectionary Shop in Paris from David Lebovitz on Vimeo. Now David has done it again with a tour of Fouquet, one of the oldest French candy and chocolate shops in Paris (founded 1852), and an interview with Frédéric Chambeau whose family has owned the shop since the early 1900’s. I’m not particularly drawn to candy but the chocolate covered almonds pique my taste buds […]…

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Sick thank you’s and links of the week

6 December 2009

First I’d like to thank everyone who voted for Lost In Cheeseland for the Love This Site! Awards. Truth be told, I only found out about it a day before the deadline, so 11 votes in one day isn’t too shabby! I’ll try again next time around. Second, thank you to my new francophile blogger friend Andi over at Misadventures with Andiwho link to my last post on the growing gurth of the French and is currently running amazing giveaways. I better win the Julie & Julia dvd! I didn’t get a chance to see the movie when it came out! I’ve been sick with a pretty wicked cold all week and it hasn’t shown signs of clearing up which means my brain is a hazy jungle of “sniff sniff ahhhhh” and “arghhhh”, not really conducive to getting inspired and/or writing anything even mildly insightful. Instead, I leave you with some of my favorite links of the week! If you’re on the East coast, US enjoy the snowy, slushy weather! If you’re in Paris, stay warm and dry inside! Happy Sunday…. Le Parisien, better to read one than meet one! (Hilarious ads!) Holiday guide: must-have gift for women that love cooking! This […]…

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