Holiday Giveaway: La Maison du Chocolat & Le Slip Français!

29 November 2017
Lindsey Tramuta Le Slip Francais

I didn’t grow up peeling back the cardboard flaps of advent calendars to reveal miniature chocolates or pieces of candy every day leading up to Christmas. In my family, we had a menorah and eight nights of candle-lighting in one room, and an oversized tree bedecked with colored twinkle lights, sparkled garlands and ornaments that my parents had carefully collected since before my older sister’s birth, in another. I grew up at the juncture of two traditions yet raised resolutely Jewish. Since I’ve been in France, I’ve connected rather with my (vaguely) spiritual side and moved away from any kind of religious practice. And yet, every year at the first mention of bûches de Noël and marrons glacés and at the first sight of department store window decorations, I’m yanked back into a state of unutterable joy that could only be set off by the spirit of a holiday celebration. As an artifact of both culture and environment, it’s the measured festivity and rituals of the table during Noël in France that appeal to me the most. It’s never over the top but always a time of honoring the makers that surround us. We head straight to our favorite food […]…

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(VIDEO) Inside the Alain Ducasse Paris Chocolate Factory: La Manufacture

16 December 2014

Alain Ducasse is often called the Godfather of French cuisine and for good reason. The multi Michelin-starred chef has opened restaurants across the globe, run a well-liked cooking school in authored several cookbooks and become a brand unto himself in his illustrious 25+ year career. That he has moved on to open Paris’s first bean to bar chocolate manufacture speaks to his unflagging ambition and ever-widening reach. While Paris has no shortage of renowned chocolatiers, none produce their chocolate from scratch given the complexity of the process which requires expensive, highly specialized machines and the savoir-faire to operate them. And that’s saying nothing of the keen sense for sourcing the beans which is equally as important. The idea for the venture emerged from a conversation with Ducasse’s head corporate pastry chef, Nicolas Berger. Unwilling to settle for yet another chocolate shop in a saturated market, he insisted on working with Berger from the very beginning, to focus on releasing the distinct nuances of each bean to produce an intense product that speaks to the most discerning of chocolate lovers. If you can’t make it to Paris anytime soon to visit La Manufacture, take a look at the video below* for an […]…

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Patrick Roger & Fouquet: a Very Tasty Behind the Scenes

10 May 2011

A Visit to Patrick Roger Chocolate in Paris from David Lebovitz on Vimeo. I don’t pretend to know much about chocolate let alone the nuances of French chocolate but I certainly know who to turn to for advice and candid reviews when I’m looking for a sweet fix. David Lebovitz, famed epicurean and pastry chef (formerly of legendary restaurant Chez Panisse in Berkeley, CA), got a private look at the Patrick Roger laboratory and a chance to interview the chocolate artist himself at work. As if David didn’t already have my attention with his decadent chocolate close-ups, the mere mention of caramel and pumpkin combined in one mouth-watering, indulgent square was enough to send me leaping out from my chair and out the door to my nearest Patrick Roger boutique. That was back in March…. Fouquet Chocolate and Confectionary Shop in Paris from David Lebovitz on Vimeo. Now David has done it again with a tour of Fouquet, one of the oldest French candy and chocolate shops in Paris (founded 1852), and an interview with Frédéric Chambeau whose family has owned the shop since the early 1900’s. I’m not particularly drawn to candy but the chocolate covered almonds pique my taste buds […]…

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