I left my heart in California

19 June 2012

It came as little surprise when I learned recently that a somewhat well-known, American expat couple had packed up 10 years of life in Paris and moved back to America. I was taken aback that a pair so anchored and involved in the community would jump ship, but I was unsurprised by the desire to turn the page; start a new chapter. After the last two weeks, I can honestly say I get it now. We billed our trip to the U.S. – several days in Philadelphia to visit my family followed by a week in California- as an adventure in both place and love. It was an opportunity for C and me to shake off the taxing days we’ve had since the start of the year and grow closer through the discovery of a new place. While the trip certainly delivered on that front, it was heightened, somewhat unexpectedly, by the friends we saw and the people we met along the way. After less than 24 hours in Santa Monica, and blanketed by sunshine, C was hooked. No humidity, crisp blue skies and athletic locals of all ages wherever we looked. “Everyone is so… fit”, he remarked. He marveled […]…

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Les Vacances

16 May 2012

To ward off the doldrums of a hapless spring season and the disappointment from the mini getaway I was aching for but never took, I’ve been focusing my energy on preparing my presentation for The Hive conference in Berlin (this weekend!) and making arrangements for our trip to the States at the end of the month. We’ll be passing through Philadelphia to see my family before jetting off to southern California for a wedding, then we’ll drive up the coast. I was a curious eight year old the last time I explored some of California’s greats – San Francisco, Monterey, San Diego – but I embark on this trip with fresh eyes and the company of a Frenchman who has been dreaming of the golden state since I met him. I have every reason to be afraid of him falling in love with it but what he doesn’t know is I’m afraid of the same (as if my feelings of place and purpose needed to be complicated any further)! Friends have given us fantastic must-eat lists for San Francisco, I booked a place that came highly recommended for our night in Los Angeles but we have had very few ideas for Monterey and Santa […]…

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