Télescope Café

23 April 2012

As if anyone needed another reason to spend time in the neighborhood surrounding the Palais Royal and its gardens, my favorite new coffee shop is mere blocks away. At Télescope, Nicolas Clerc (photographer-barista) and David Flynn (expert barista formerly of Le Bal) peddle the kind of exceptional coffee that makes bean connoisseurs everywhere reconsider Paris as a suitable stomping ground to fuel their obsession. Of course it helps that these two apt roasters have equipped their earthy, rue Villedo café with first-rate machines. They are the first in the city to use the Über Boiler from Irish brand Marco which precisely regulates the quantity of water and temperature necessary to produce a consistently perfect, flavor-locked brew or infusion. My first visit was two days after they opened for business, right at 8:30am. I was so impressed by the machinery and their poised expertise that I immediately felt compelled to imbibe myself with what would turn out to be an inordinate amount of coffee. I began with the sumptuously rich crème and a toasted Poujauran tartine topped with jam for a breakfast so sublimely simple and delicious I mentally scheduled my next visit on the spot. Then just as I looked […]…

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Reflections over coffee

20 September 2009

Taken at Les Petites Indécises I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I really don’t like Sundays. Beautiful weather on Sunday looks a certain way that reminds me it is Sunday. That probably only makes sense to me but as I tried to explain to my friend Halla over tea today, the sun looks different on Sunday and while I can appreciate its beauty (and am thankful it’s not raining and really pushing me into a depression), it remains a day I dread. My relationship with Sunday is particularly complicated by the fact that I enjoy partaking in a variety of habitual Sunday activities – the Richard Lenoir open-air market, brunch or coffee with friends, cooking and baking, picnicking, or going to the movies. This was true even as I was growing up when I dreaded the end of the weekend because I was forced to go to Sunday school at synagogue and promptly forget everything I learned the second I exited the building, and the evenings of finishing my homework. Yet I also looked forward to pizza/pasta night (we alternated) on our über-American TV dinner tables while we watched football or Star Trek. I hated both viewing […]…

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