On Friendship in Paris

21 March 2014

‘Do you think you’ll move back home at some point?’ is one of the most commonly fielded questions among expats and one that is fraught with complications. The answer is tightly wound by its own questions and scenarios. What if Paris has become a legitimate home and going back would actually mean starting over in a place no longer familiar? Am I tied to a work visa? Do I have the legal right to stay indefinitely? Is there an explicit expiration date to this experience? Have I become too European to consider any other lifestyle? Both the ability and desire to stay in Paris depends largely on these questions, among countless others. One of my best friends in Paris is American and moved abroad five years ago with her husband for his job. While they’ve fully integrated, speak the language and have constructed an impressive network of friends of various nationalities, they accept (albeit grudgingly) that their Paris chapter might come to a close in several years for a myriad of reasons. I’m confident that she’s a pal for life but since my flag is firmly planted in France, it’s hard to fathom that our regular coffee dates could one […]…

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Paris Restaurants: the Barista List

26 September 2012

When I look at my monthly budget, over 50% of my finances go toward dining out. Blame the plethora of food options in Paris or my depleted inspiration in the kitchen, restaurant hopping has become a regular part of my urban lifestyle. Given that frequency, I confer with friends and café owners whose opinions I value for personal recommendations – as much as I try to stay abreast of new openings, there are  many under the radar, less publicized spots that I miss. Two of the movers and shakers whose tastes I trust are Nicolas Clerc and David Flynn of Télescope, my favorite and regular coffee shop (get the lowdown on them in my post HERE). They are part of an army of talented baristas who have helped to perfect the palates of a new breed of coffee connoisseur and have subsequently found themselves elevated to near celebrity status. And if their filtered coffee and flat whites are any indication, they know what’s good in and out of a coffee cup. In fact, it’s not unusual for Clerc and Flynn to serve up pitch-perfect restaurant recommendations to regulars and occasional out-of-towners. But where, precisely, would they go for a bite on those rare occasions […]…

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