Franco File Friday: Aimee from L’OisiveThé

2 September 2011

I don’t know if it is a trend or merely coincidence but most of the foreign entrepreneurs I have met in Paris previously held senior-level positions in either marketing or advertising firms. The fast-paced corporate workplace grew tiresome and ultimately led them to apply their expertise toward their own projects. It so happens that many of these projects involve food! Aimee Gille has lived in Paris for eight years and always knew she would open her own café. Happenstance brought her in front of L’Oisivthé on a neighborhood stroll of the 13th in the beginning of 2008 and within four months she had transformed the space into much more than a charming salon de thé. Aimee serves light fare and American desserts and imports hand-painted yarns from the U.S. and Canada, all the while providing a relaxing space for avid knitters. TricoThé is a weekly knitting/crocheting group that has garnered this American expat quite the loyal following. A bit about her relationship to France… Describe what you love about France in three words. Complex. Romantic. Home. How did becoming a business owner altered your vision of the French and France as a whole? Becoming a business owner hasn’t changed my […]…

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