(NEWS!) The Paris Book

22 June 2015

I have been living in Paris for nine years, writing this site for six and contributing to newspapers and magazines for over three. At some point, the prospect of taking the knowledge I have built up over the years a step further certainly crossed my mind. But in what form? I knew I would only pursue a book project if an idea emerged organically and if it felt right. An idea that I would be excited to research and write. Well over year ago, after a marathon catch-up in Paris with my dear friend Nichole during which we discussed some of the changes in Paris I’ve observed over these last nine years, that idea crystallized. But I sat on it. I wasn’t ready. So I let it germinate for months. Until Rebecca Plotnick, a photographer who splits her time between Chicago and Paris, unwittingly presented me with a challenge. It was during our first in-person rendez-vous and we were getting to know one another. She asked if I had ever considered writing a book – a memoir, a guide, whatever – to which I politely replied “Yes but I don’t have an idea. It’s not the right time”. She smiled […]…

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