2015: A Year in Review from Paris and beyond

31 December 2015

Looking back at my thoughts on the last day of 2014, it is clear that I am in a much different place now. Emotionally, professionally, even physically. If one year was about challenging my impulses for radical change, 2015 began swiftly with reasoned change and a foray into a lifestyle I didn’t have the confidence or strength to believe I could pursue before. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it explicitly, but I’ve been working for advertising agencies in addition to writing about travel, food, and lifestyle for newspapers and magazines. Up until April, I was juggling freelance writing with an almost full-time gig at a large digital agency in Paris that I held since 2011. When the itch for change came knocking (or….itching, as it were), I paid attention and considered what it would mean to heed the call. That’s effectively how I spent holiday time in the states at Christmas last year; my mind filled with the realization that if I didn’t make a move in 2015, my ambitions would remain abstract dreams and nothing more. Pull the plug or let the illusion of comfort in familiarity dictate my future. Pas possible. When family asked how things were […]…

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