“The New Paris” Book: Video Teaser

18 April 2017
The New Paris book teaser

Here we go! My little baby is making its way into the world today and I’m over the moon! I can’t wait to know what you think. One of the thrilling outcomes of having a book released all over the world at the same time is learning where it is being sold. So far, I’ve received messages and photos from booksellers and boutiques in Australia that have been displaying the book and I’ve spotted it in Paris at Colette, Shakespeare & Co, Artazart, WHSmith, and Sézane. It’s wild to think of my work reaching people from around the world and hopefully leading to a deeper appreciation for or better understanding of the French capital today.

So what is “The New Paris”, you ask? It’s a bit of the video below (if reading in your email inbox, click HERE to watch the video!).

Order your copy of “The New Paris” now! Click here for a list of online distributors or visit a bookseller nearest you. Once you’ve read it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon or GoodReads

  • Squeeee! Shared! XO

  • David Henry

    Just ordered it and looking forward to discovering what I can look forward to on my second visit to Paris this fall!

  • What a wonderful video! I’m going to Paris in May and I can’t wait to pick up a copy of this book in preparation. Congratulations!

  • Squeal! So exciting (and love the video)!!

  • Jennie

    Mail lady just delivered this yummy delicious 😋 book. This is no thin paperback!! It is heavy and chock full of “the new Paris”. Thanks Lindsay. Hope to see you in San Francisco.

  • Susan Shackelford Arnold

    My book arrived in the mail today!! I’m so excited!! I go to Paris all the time but have never really had a good handle on where to eat, drink and shop. I usually just pop in somewhere based on where I am, but now I’ll be so much more in the know on where to go!! I’m taking 2 friends with me this July and these 2 friends have never been to Paris. This book is perfect for helping me plan this upcoming trip! I will be the best tour guide thanks to you, Lindsey, and will be sure to give you credit 🙂 p.s. If you are ever in Atlanta, let me know! -Susan

  • So excited for you!! Will definitely check it out!

  • Orly

    Paris is a lot sunnier in your video than I remember from my time there ;). Really nice. Can’t wait for my book to arrive!

  • Jill Colonna

    Congratulations, Lindsey! Super video. Can’t wait to read The New Paris. Good luck on your book tours – so excited for you.

  • Ahhhh love it!! So excited for you!!

  • David Henry

    Received my book today – it is beautiful and looks like a great resource for my visit later this year.

  • Congratulations Lindsey! So excited for you. I was just in Paris last week. And I can’t wait to discover more places with your book.

  • Somia

    squeal! Video is such a good. No doubt your book will be on hit list.
    somia | http://worldwidelifestyles.com/

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