Airbnb Insider Guides to Paris

18 March 2017

Where does Pierre Hermé get his sweet fix and where does artist Marin Montagut go for artisanal goods? How about actress/model Jeanne Damas’s beloved boutiques for jewelry? They are among an illustrious group of over fifty Parisians who shared their recommendations around various themes for Airbnb’s new PLACES feature, a collection of insider guides to Paris (joining other fine cities like Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, Seoul, Detroit, etc.).

I spent over two months working on this project with my dear friend and fellow writer Sara Lieberman and am so proud to see it come to life! We each interviewed over twenty insiders, compiled their recommendations, polished them up, and turned them into easily digestible, practical, and engaging guides that can easily take with you — after all, it’s right in the app, on your phone.

I’m also honored that the Airbnb team made me part of the collection! You’ll find my guide on literary-inspired haunts for bookish types. (Ps. can you spot me in that image above?)

To access the guides in your Airbnb app, type in Paris in the search box, then select Places from the top navigation (image below left), and start scrolling through (image below right)!

Click to see my literary-inspired guide. Have you been to any of these spots?

  • This is so great!! Definitely using this the next time I visit Paris.