Romantic Paris with Eurostar

31 October 2016
Romantic Paris Lindsey Tramuta

“Where can I go for a romantic afternoon/evening in Paris?” Few questions are as challenging to answer and yet I find myself confronted with it time and again. I struggle with the idea of city-specific romance, and more specifically Parisian romance, because it is so subjective and personal. And the weight of Paris as a place means the possibilities are truly endless. The very name of the city is enough to summon fantasies of a romanticized, bon vivant life: Seine-side strolls, languid meals with bottomless glasses of wine, picnics on the Champs de Mars as the sun descends and the Eiffel Tower begins its hourly sparkle. Romance in Paris hinges on a series of experiences that are contrived to fulfill an expectation. Like the way I once told myself that to feel Rome as lovers must, I had to whip around town on a ruby red Vespa. The reality is, I’m terrified of scooters and found myself more uncomfortable than romanced. I forced a scenario that I believed would produce a desired outcome. Instead of willing it to fruition, I believe in letting the city ensorcell with its own natural gifts.

So when Eurostar asked me to describe my favorite romantic spot in Paris, I thought first of the places that make me feel love and joy, alone or with my husband, and quickly realized they weren’t necessarily the most obviously romantic – romantic as I interpret the word. It may not be the answer to everyone who has asked me where to go or what to do for a romantic Paris visit, but perhaps it will inspire you too.

Head over to the Eurostar website to find out what I chose and the spots that other writers found romantique! What constitutes romantic Paris for you?  

  • Bonnie

    I totally agree with you as to the Palais Royal. For me it would be toss-up between the Palais Royal and the Place des Vosges. Single or together with my love, I could sit for hours in each of them