Coffee in Paris: What’s Open in August

22 July 2016
Boot Cafe Paris

We’ve reached that time of year again. Parisians have packed their bags to the brim and begun their annual exodus out of the city for summer holiday. That also includes restaurant and coffee shop owners who will be taking a breather. My friend Wendy has a solid list of restaurants staying open this summer so I thought I would tackle the specialty coffee shops I enjoy and that you may want to visit in July/August. And if you’re not coming to Paris and are wondering why on earth this would be relevant to you, look at it as a sign of positive change: more and more establishments are staggering their closures so that we aren’t stranded without good coffee and community! Other relevant spots to be added as information is available.

Amami – closed August 8-31st

Boot Café – staying open

Café Craft – closed August 12-26th

Cafe Lomi – closed August 1-21st

Café Oberkampf – closed August 15-31st

Coutume Café  – closed August 22-31st on rue de Babylone; August 8-22nd at the Coutume Instituutti

Cream – closed August 1-15th

Fondation Café – staying open (reduced hours)

Fragments– Staying open

Fringe – closed until end of August

Hardware Société – staying open (normal hours)

Hexagone – closed August 1-21st

Holybelly – closed July 19-August 19th

Honor Café – Staying open

KB Café – Staying open

La Fontaine de Belleville – Closed August 13-24

Le Peleton- staying open

Loustic – reduced hours (July 14-July 30: 8:30am-3pm; August 1-14: 9am-1pm; then back to normal!)

Matamata – staying open (reduced hours)

Steel Cyclewear & Coffeeshop – August 7-22nd

Télescope – July 28th – August 29th

Ten Belles – reduced hours, no food service in August.

Terres de Café – staying open

The Beans on Fire – staying open

The Hood – closed Mondays in August

  • Grace Contomichalos

    Great list but you should add The Hood! Food and coffee are amazing and it’s near Holybelly and Ten Belles on Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud.

    • LostInCheeseland

      Hi Grace, I regularly go there 😉 I was just waiting to have their summer hours confirmed and then will be adding them 🙂

  • I’m so distracted by how much I want that coffee in the top photo, I couldn’t even read on, ha!

    • LostInCheeseland

      ha! That’s okay too 🙂

  • Sophia Reginald Bob Chambers

    Love it! As I am hoping to just simply enjoy the coffee culture in Paris, great article!

    • LostInCheeseland

      Thank you, and enjoy!

  • Thank you for this! Wandering around my arrondissement yesterday, literally every coffee shop and boulagerie was closed!!

    • LostInCheeseland

      I know! It’s at once glorious and maddening but many spots are seeing the value in staying open 🙂 thankfully!

  • LaurenFritsky7

    I had no idea how much of Europe took off in August until my current company. It’s wild! And I’m jealous 🙂