My Six Favorite French Instagram Accounts

6 April 2015

It has been heartening to be featured on several Best Instagram Account in France lists in recent months – Food RepublicThrillist 1 and Thrillist 2 and a local French blogger named Carnets d’une Flâneuse Parisienne who has seen my food coverage – as I’ve worked hard to turn Instagram into an extension of this site. I’m well aware that fingering through a visual feed demands far less of a time investment than reading the many lines of a blog post so I’ve carved out another fun section of the internet for my view of Paris, the rest of France and my travels through Europe and beyond (which you can see HERE).
And as I’ve spent more time there, I’ve discovered so many wonderful creative types, cooks, authors, dreamers and travelers whose visions of the world have enchanted and inspired me. In Paris in particular, the eye-catching feeds are legion. Below, I share six of my go-to French accounts to pay the inspiration forward.

1//  @Arthur_Gosse, student 
You’d never know that Arthur spend most of his time in the classroom or studying for exams given how active he is on Instagram. He has an eye for capturing scenes of life in motion – people out and about or the tranquil calm you might find under the arcades of Place des Vosges. It’s colorful and always beautiful.

2// @Callicles, photographer 
Sam is not very loquacious but words are hardly needed with images that display such a mastery of perspective, angles and light. Even la grisaille parisienne is elevated to a more ethereal register.

3// @Discret, toy fanatic 
Imagine stunning snaps of Paris with new and vintage toys incorporated into each scene. I always smile when I land on one of his photos in my feed and often find myself wondering how he transports the toys for his photo outings. Backpack? Tote bag? Coat pocket? How many does he have in his collection? I’m hoping one day he’ll publish a ‘behind-the-shoot’ photo to peel back the layers on his process.

4// @GoutdFood, PR for Ladurée + Serial Food Spotter
Delphine is truly a girl after my own heart. She’s fascinated and inspired by the work of France’s top chefs and pâtissiers and captures their creations beautifully on her vibrant feed. No surprise I’d be a fan of her aesthetic; we both share a love for éclairs! Expect beautiful dishes, chefs at work and a handful of lifestyle shots to bring you into her world. For more of Goût’d Food, check out her blog.


5// @HugoKatsumi, Art Director 
Bright, minimalist, geometric lines: Hugo Katsumi lends a delicate treatment to his snapshots of Paris, so much so you’d think the skies were blanketed in blue every day. A dreamy account to add to your list.

6// @O_Reilly_S, legal counsel & travel blogger Aurélie doesn’t just cover in Paris. In fact, as her feed suggests, she can often be seen traveling across Europe. But her coverage is consistent no matter where she’s shooting from. That means, a fantastic guide to shops, great eats, colorful landscapes and intimate corners. She even makes a cameo from time to time. For full articles associated with her photos, be sure to follow her blog Les Flâneries d’Aurélie. 

Have a favorite French instagrammer? Share in the comments below!

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