Top 5 Pastry Spots of the Moment in Paris

25 July 2014

Aux Merveilleux de Fred meringues

Eclairs, meringues, cream puffs, chiffon cakes: only a handful of the pastries that have won the imaginations of some of France’s top talents.

More than ever, pastry chefs are narrowing their focus to one or two specialties and dedicating shops around them. The above pâtisseries, among others, are stars of this growing movement and the subject of my first Wall Street Journal story, now online and on newsstands today!

L'Eclair de Génie

This isn’t my first time writing about the emerging trends in pastry (éclairs!) as it is quickly becoming a topic that both fascinates and delights. More than that, it’s endearing – nearly every pastry chef I’ve spoken to, for this story and others, slip into a sort of reverie when they talk about their craft. It’s easy to criticize the French for not being progressive enough in business and administration but they’re inventive and exacting when it comes to matters of the belly (with the technical prowess to back up the ideas).

Of the selection I researched (read: tasted), the éclair remains my greatest weakness, a fact that continues to amuse me since it was my least favorite French pastry when I moved to France. The meringues mounds from Aux Merveilleux de Fred rank a close second.

Judging by some of the emails I’ve received from readers looking for suggestions on where to indulge in the city’s best sweets, I think this top five round-up will prove useful (I hope!). Perhaps not for waistlines but overall happiness.

Check out my top five here. Have a favorite among those I’ve included? 

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