Preparing for Paris

19 June 2014

View of the Seine, Paris

My in-laws may have grown up in the Paris region but since their home base is in the suburbs, a good 50 minutes away by train, their trips into the city are infrequent. When we finally convince them to come (as if it should require convincing!), we know we’re in for a rigorous day of eating and exploring.

Most recently, we spent a sun-soaked day with my mother-in-law to celebrate Mother’s Day – lunch at Fish La Boissonnerie, dessert at La Maison du Chou and a long, leisurely stroll along the Berges de Seine, making mental notes to return to each spot in July when our next round of visitors arrive. This afternoon was effectively a miniature test run of an itinerary we are likely to revisit when my dad, step-mom and little brother come to Paris- 2 weeks to go! The last time my dad visited was nearly six years ago for my wedding so this is a trip I’ve been eagerly anticipating for years (much like the feelings I had around my mom’s epic first-ever visit in December!).

The big difference: my 6 year old brother will be joining, his first trip abroad. And while I have author Kim Horton Levesque’s tips on exploring Paris with kids, I’m keen to know what you, dear readers, would do with kids. The trick is to find activities and outings that appeal to both kids and adults. Currently on the to-do: Disney, Vaux le Vicomte (especially since this little guy is accustomed spending time in parks like Longwood Gardens in the Philadelphia region), strolling Les Berges, sailing miniature boats in Luxembourg Gardens, throwing back a few gelato cones at Pozzetto….but what else?

I’d be grateful if you’d share your thoughts in the comment section below. And in the meantime, a little stroll through Paris…

Bike Parking Spot, Saint-GermainFish La Boissonnerie, Paris<

Narrow streets in Saint-Germain, Paris

Strolling by The Louvre, ParisBouquiniste along the Seine River, ParisMusée d'Orsay from belowSeen from Les Berges, Paris

Seen from Les Berges, Paris

What are your favorite kid-friendly spots/activities in Paris?