Introducing: Monsieur Tober

What elements make up a good story? Intrigue, mystery, emotion, character development, and a strong narrative arc to carry the tale, to name a few. But these precepts don't only apply to writers-  the best photographers know that these are are fundamentals of a captivating and engaging photograph. This is precisely what drew me to a collection of photos by a new French photographer operating under the pseudonym Monsieur Tober

Inspired by the work of Martha Cooper who has famously shot New Yorkers in their native habitat for 65 years, Monsieur Tober sought to create a collection of images that would carry a narrative on their own, one that came to life in the Vallée du Lutour in the Pyrénées. His quest was to capture wide open expanses and the comforting quiet that emerges from them, following one man's journey. What I particularly love about this series is how uncertain we are about the subject's state of mind. Why is he there? What is he feeling? Why this particular location?

We're left wondering, as Monsieur Tober intended. And like a good story, that place between curiosity and discomfort reeled me in. I hope we don't have to wait long before he shares his next story. 

Who exactly is the man behind the camera? That too shall evidently remain a mystery. To see more photos from Monsieur Tober, head over to his Facebook page and visit his new website

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