Little Pleasures in Paris [#7]: An Early Spring

Spring at Palais Royal
Spring at Palais Royal Spring at Palais Royal

This weather cycle has played out a few times since I've lived in Paris. Winter arrives abruptly then proves abnormally gentle and mild, spring surfaces unexpectedly in March and then thoughtlessly abandons us in April and May until summer swaggers in after much anticipation toward the end of June. Like much of Western Europe right now, we've entered the sphere of spring while our friends on the east coast are still trying to unravel themselves from what seems like a permanent blanket of white. It's euphoric, it's premature-allergy-inducing and it's a sign that we're one step closer to sundress season.

Of course if I'm true to my slightly cynical Parisian sensibilities, I know this bout of beau temps will be evanescent - the mantle of pollution that has everyone on high-alert in the city right now has certainly tainted our joy a bit - but I'm shedding layers and embracing it while it lasts.

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