The South of France

Pit stop along the Route des Crêtes

People often say that life moves at a slower pace in the south (some might even argue it's an indolent, unproductive pace) and while it's been an annual part of my French experience the last seven years, it was only during this last trip that I fully felt it. It's easy to point to climate and industry as driving factors but the languid lifestyle really seems to stem from an overall appreciation and respect for life. Despite having a minimum of five weeks of vacation to look forward to, Parisians are stressed, anxious and quick-tempered - adjectives that have, I admit, come to describe my own behavior at times.  

A few days split between Marseille, La Ciotat and Cassis and I felt the fervent southern pull. No stress, no rush, just sea and sunshine. Getaways to the south of France should be mandatory not only for an attitude adjustment but to revive our zest for life. At only 3.5 hours from Paris, what good reason do we have to stay away? 

What's your favorite spot in the South of France?

{Photo: Taken along the Route des Crêtes, between La Ciotat and Cassis. More stories coming soon!}
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