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If you only had a day in Paris, how would you spend it? Skipping stones along the Canal Saint-Martin like Amélie Poulain or ambling the cobblestone streets of the Marais? The magic of this city lives within its hundreds of urban hamlets and vibrant neighborhoods. It's there in the innumerable opportunities for inspiration and self-discovery and beating wildly in its mercurial brand of charm. It's that ineffable feeling and collection of moments that 29 million visitors came seeking last year and millions more dream about experiencing for themselves every day.

But to reach it, whether in person of from afar, you must cut through the din of prescriptive travel guides and editorialized stories. The Paris Journal, a new digital, multimedia book from Nichole and Evan Robertson (of the Obvious State creative studio), offers exactly that; an uninterrupted visual journey of one Paris neighborhood, from morning to night.

Volume One, released today for download on iPad, will bring you on an immersive tour through the hillside neighborhood of Montmartre through over 120 fine art photographs and 14 videos. It's armchair travel without the unwanted commentary; a rich escape when you need it most.

Even before the success of Nichole's book Paris in Color, an Amazon bestseller (#1 at the time of publishing this post), the couple wanted to find a way to share the details they love most about Paris without needing to rely on text to narrate the story. In opting for an app versus an e-book, their interactive vision came to life naturally and, in turn, allowed them to offer an experience that is crafted wholly for the viewer.

Download the app, sit back, and visit Montmartre. The result is absolutely stunning.

For more information on The Paris Journal, visit Obvious State.
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