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There was good reason for locals to wax rhapsodic about the arrival of the food truck. More than just unprecedented, it was a force capable of going up against pettifogging bureaucrats and a city resistant to change, with Kristen Frederick as the movement’s captain. It was also a welcome diversion from the overwrought New York City decor that began to define every new bistro and even the renovations of old favorites. Line the walls with photographs of the Manhattan skyline and you had yourself a theme, it seemed. 

Now that Paris’s besotted love affair with its imposing sister city of the West has somewhat tempered, attention can be refocused on more interesting, emerging trends on the food scene. 

Brunchtime at Café Pinson

After ‘sans gluten’ found a place in the Parisian lexicon last year thanks to Helmut Newcake and more recently Noglu, vegan is the next buzzword to be embraced by locals. Marked by limited, starch-heavy menu options, dining out in Paris was once a daunting prospect for vegetarians. For vegans, it was nearly impossible. But as Anglo influences, both good and bad, began to seep into the collective consciousness, locals bemoaned this paucity of veggie-friendly spots. Realizing the business potential, many food entrepreneurs and chefs have jumped on board and helped transform the city into a far more dynamic and varied place to eat for all tastes. 

Café Pinsona ‘healthy’ café (as the local press is calling it) that opened in January in the Northern Marais, caters to all forms of green lovers and is even infusing some of that elusive kale in the form of salads and smoothies. Many chefs and bakers have been reluctant to offer dairy-free/gluten-free versions of their goods because the texture and taste are difficult to master but the crew at Pinson have their strategy firmly in place. 

American chef Cameil Kaundart swaps refined sugar for agave syrup or non-refined sugar to sweeten up desserts and uses almond or hazelnut milk for all coffee and spiced tea beverages. A rainbow of fresh savory dishes changes regularly and you can expect a hearty range of salty-sweet treats for weekend brunch (that is, if you were wise enough to reserve a spot). 

Café Pinson

Parisian Designer Dorothée Meilichzon, best known for her work on the Experimental Cocktail Club, Compagnie des Vins Supernaturels and Hotel Paradis, lent her talents to Café Pinson’s modern-meets-vintage interior which is both spacious and intimate. You can smack a label on the vibe (Parisians are calling it San Francisco-inspired) but really it comes down to a feeling. More than a veggie place, it’s a relaxing hangout suitable for all moments of the day. And certainly worth a visit on your next trip. 
6 rue du Forez
75003 Paris
+33(0)9 83 82 53 53
Open daily, weekend brunch
Family friendly!

{*took over Tartes Kluger’s old space. You can now find them at 15 rue Trousseau, 75011}.

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