A Tour of Munich's French Quarter

France's influence on architecture, food and design can be felt the world over so I thought it would be fun to have Igor from the blog Happy Interior take you through a little tour of Munich's quartier Français and some of his favorite spots in the neighborhood. Enjoy!

Orleans Street, Metz Street, Paris Square and Bordeaux Square – the toponymy of Munich’s East speaks of our big neighbor, la France. Built between 1871 and 1872, the city’s French Quarter is located in the borough of Haidhausen. Here, the streets were named after victorious battlegrounds during the French-German War of 1870/71.  Today, the French Quarter is a charming residential area with leafy squares and loads of little shops, ateliers and cafés. As you can imagine, the French vibe is palpable! 

The Franzosenviertel (French Quarter) is easily accessible by the city’s Eastern train station (Ostbahnhof), which also pays respect to the ‘Grande Nation’. The train station is completely designed in red and white whereas Munich’s city trains are blue. So every time a train approaches the station, the tricolore comes to life.

The Pariser Platz (Paris Square) marks the center of the French Quarter and the streets stretch out in all directions with many small cafés, restaurants and shops. Head to the brasserie Rue des Halles for a good lunch or dinner, enjoy a coffee break in café Voilà or find artisanal pieces of jewellery, pottery, decorative pieces or fashion in Artisan37, a shop community of local artisans.

To round-out a beautiful day, enjoy the sunshine in the little park in front of the stately St. John’s Church and then head over to the Wiener Platz (Vienna Square). Stroll over to the local market, peek into the beautiful Brocante (antiques) store Living Room or partake in the local culture by having a beer and pretzel at Hofbräukeller, one of Munich’s most beautiful beer gardens. 

A très bientôt à Munich!

Thanks for your mini tour, Igor! For more on Igor's travel and keen design sense, check out his blog Happy Interiors and follow him on Twitter.
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