Breakfast by the Canal St. Martin

4 July 2012
Helmut Newcake, Raspberry Tart

For six years I’ve lived in the 11th arrondissement, right on the border of the 10th. When I first moved to Paris, these areas were relatively untouched by tourists. Visitors would go as far as the Bastille and maybe venture to the rue Oberkampf for a taste of its vibrant but less polished nightlife but the 10th arrondissement was rougher and far from being emblematic enough to compete with the city’s refined storybook image. 

La Chambre aux Oiseaux

Now, both neighborhoods are products of stark and rapid gentrification which means that formerly forlorn buildings, cafés, dive bars and shops have largely been supplanted by artsy boutiques, trendy bars and coveted al fresco eateries. In a trajectory that arguably rivals Williamsburg (Brooklyn), the area along and around the Canal St. Martin, specifically, has experienced tremendous transformation, commanding more attention among travelers and locals alike than ever before. 

Les Enfants Perdus

Picnics and strolls are still de rigueur in these parts but it’s the morning meal in particular that has earned the hotspot its gold stars over the last year. Helmut Newcake (Paris’s first entirely gluten-free bakery and salon de thé), Le Sésame, La Chambre aux Oiseaux, Du Pain et des Idées (one of my longtime top picks) and Les Enfants Perdus rank high on my list and I was thrilled to be able to share tidbits about each of them for an article in The New York Times, T Magazine. Some might argue I should have included a couple of other places, like Voy Alimento or Bob’s Juice Bar, but as breakfast and brunch are highly personal (and dear) moments in my day, the list reflects my favorites. 

I hope it will prove to be a useful resource for those planning for Paris or already here and dreaming about tomorrow’s breakfast! Click here to hop over and check it out. 

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